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Also Inside This Issue

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf update; Montecito Association creates land-use planning guide; congrats to Beverly Lewis; where oh where have the Coast Village Circle parking spots gone?

Letters to the Editor
Montecito Village Grocery comes in for more scrutiny; another Music Academy ‘Thank you’ (and we love ‘em all); growth, immigration, and a little praise for MJ follow

Music Academy Update
Last Takacs Quartet performance, second-to-last Marilyn Horne master class, and Chamber Music Marathon featured

State Street Spin
Butterflies fluttering by; red-lining the Blue Line; Linda does Flamenco; McGinity does Irish, a “Happy Birthday” to Irwin, and more

Ward Connerly
Off politics for this issue, Ward spends a leisurely weekend in… Montecito

Eye on Montecito
Mira Vista is considered one of the first “great estates,” and its gatehouse is just a small reminder of those bygone days

n.o.t.e.s. from downtown
Alexander is on an anti-Washington D.C. tear; wonders where oh where is Millard Fillmore (buried in upstate New York, methinks)

On the Arts
Art Foundation focuses on filling walls with Santa Barbara art

Montecito Sportsman
Albacore are in season and the feisty little (and not so little) fish are a challenge to land

On Medicine
Da Vinci performs 100th operation; Dr. Laub says its “the new standard”

Coming & Going
Mish’s brooch fetches sixty grand; Cold Spring’s littlest marketers; beach tennis joins beach volleyball as sand sport

Montecito Chef of the Month
George Alexiades muses over Moussaka and pines for pastitsio

Events Calendar
Markham Production’s “Nothing But Broadway”; Sonny Rhodes saunters into Showgrounds; Everything’s Cool at UCSB, and Fiesta is nearly upon us!

World of Wine
It’s still summer so there’s time to sip some rosé, smell the essence

Classified Advertising
Stuff for sale and stuff you may need; lots of stuff and it’s mostly in Montecito

Sheriff’s Blotter
On the alert for self-propelled flat-screen TVs and laptop computers;


Vol. 13 Issue 29

Emergency Town hall Meeting

Montecito Fire Protection District announces a town hall meeting for an update on the Zaca Fire and the preparations and planning for Montecito area.

Your Westmont

Hail to the Chief

Gayle Beebe assumed leadership of Westmont July 1 as the college’s eighth president. He, his wife, Pam, and their three children (Anna, 14, Elizabeth, 12, and Ricky, 8) moved into the president’s house above the college last month. The family came from Spring Arbor, Mich., where Beebe served as president...

Montecito Diary

Saving La Casa De Maria

Alyce Faye Cleese is single-handedly determined to help raise nearly a million dollars in order to retire what remains of an original $4.5-million mortgage the Immaculate Heart Community on San Ysidro Road took on to re-purchase the adjacent 7-acre La Casa de Maria parcel (it had originally been part of...

Seen Around Town

Sinking The Rising Sun

Bill Davis, and how he helped sink the Rising Sun; public art hides in plain sight; Santa Barbara photography at Brooks

Grandma Moses began painting in her seventies. Montecito resident Bill Davis became an author in his eighties. He had a successful book signing recently at Borders with many friends and acquaintances coming to hear how “Sinking the Rising Sun” had morphed. ...

Art Advisor

The Venice Biennale

Ms Lieff attends Venice Biennale and is appalled by what passes for “art” anymore; she does find some stuff worthy of note however

I sure am glad that I can finally get rid of that therapist at $275 an hour. ...

On Stage

Nothing But Broadway

At a time when gang activity has the city up in arms about what to do to curb the violence, a small group of local high-school graduates has decided to do something about it. And at the same time, Stephanie Morse and her cohorts in Markham Theatre Productions are giving...

Book Talk

Tool Kits

The Things They Carried into war included dental floss, soap, tranquilizers, canned peaches, and extra rations

Having the enviable vantage point of looking over Brian Fagan’s shoulder as he essays his seemingly endless stream of fascinating delving into our and other cultures, I have come to appreciate the concept of the tool kit. ...