Arrest made on Hot Springs Road

Tuesday, July 10 – Deputy Roberts apprehended a juvenile subject due to a traffic violation. The individual was determined to have an outstanding warrant and was transported to Santa Barbara Juvenile Hall.

Threatened Man Involves Police

Tuesday, July 10 – The Sheriff’s Department was contacted when a man claimed he had received a threatening phone call about his wife, who he was in the process of divorcing. The victim told Deputy V. Gallaher that until recently, his wife and he had been going through a peaceful divorce.

However, this changed when the victim received a call at 7:30 am from a male caller threatening him to “back off” from his wife “or I will put you six feet under.” The caller also included that the victim should know who the caller was. The victim suspects a former friend to be the caller.

Trespassing and Vandalism at Miramar Hotel

Wednesday, July 11 – The entire second floor walls of the Miramar Hotel were defaced by black spray paint. The paint, which was used in graffiti style, portrayed various messages and gang related tagging.

The security guards for the premises determined that the incident must have occurred between 4 am and 10 am, which were the two security check times since the graffiti was not noticed until the security guard arrived at 10 am.

Man Arrested on Channel Drive

Thursday, July 12 – While patrolling Butterfly Beach, Deputy W. Johnson and Senior Deputy Harris approached a male and a female who were having a bonfire and had open alcoholic beverages in their possession. Since both of these actions were violations, the suspects’ licenses were checked and it was ascertained that the male’s license was suspended. The deputies left the male and female with a warning and proceeded to check cars in the beach’s parking lot.

Inside one car a large baggie containing marijuana was in plain view. The deputies checked the license plate of the car and realized the owner of the car was the same man they had contacted on the beach.

Inside the car there was less than one ounce of Marijuana, a scale, multiple plastic baggies, and $120 in cash.

The apprehended male showed the deputies his Medical Marijuana License, but deputies continued to read him his rights for driving with a suspended license and suspected sale of narcotics.

Camper on Butterfly Beach Arrested for Outstanding Warrant

Friday, July 13 – At 12:53 am Deputy W. Johnson was undergoing a routine search of Butterfly Beach and noticed a group of three people camping out. One of the males had a warrant out for his arrest. The male was booked and sent to Santa Barbara County Jail.

Drunk and Disorderly Arrested on Butterfly Beach

Friday, July 13 –Deputy W. Johnson and Senior Deputy Harris observed three campers asleep on Butterfly Beach.

When one subject, a woman, was awoken, it was apparent that she was heavily intoxicated. When Deputy W. Johnson went to check the woman’s ID, she proceeded to walk to a rock and urinate, a health code violation, in the presence of the deputies.

The deputies determined that the woman could not take care of herself and after escorting her to the ground and handcuffing her, the deputies placed the woman under arrest and transported her to jail.

Man Questioned After Recklessly Driving a Jet Ski on Butterfly Beach

Sunday, July 15 – The Sheriff’s Department was contacted about a man carelessly driving a jet ski in the ocean off of Butterfly Beach. A witness claimed that the male, on multiple occasions, had driven the vessel within the buoyed region roped for swimmers and at one point the witness believed the male hit a swimmer.

When Deputy Messmore arrived on the scene, the driver of the jet ski could not be found yet the vessel itself was docked on shore. When the deputy approached the vessel, a man came to him and claimed to be the owner. The owner said that multiple people had driven the jet ski and he could not determine where the specific male driver had gone or whether anyone had consumed alcohol. Because the swimmer, who had possibly been hit, had already left the beach, the deputy could only give a warning to the jet ski owner.