Forced Trespass on Miramar Avenue

Tuesday, July 3 – A man reported that someone had trespassed in his home when he noticed his screen door had been cut open and two other doors had been left ajar.

The owner of the home, who lives there with his wife, claimed he had left for work at 9 am that morning and when he returned home at 5:15 pm he noticed his screen door was slightly ajar. He found this odd since neither he nor his wife ever used that door; six inches of the screen had also been cut near the dead bolt. After canvassing the house, the man discovered that his bedroom door and backyard gate had been left slightly open, yet no missing items could be found.

Responding deputy J. Van Wagoner contacted the man’s wife who had been in the home during most of the day. The woman said she had only been gone from the house during the hours of 3:20 – 4:20 pm and 4:45- 5 pm and did not notice anything strange about the house until her husband came home.

Car Break-in at Cold Spring Trailhead

Wednesday, July 4 – A smash-and-grab was reported at Cold Spring Trail. At 4 pm a woman stated she arrived at the Cold Spring Trail with her family and parked and locked her car with her bag of belongings inside. When she returned three hours later, she found her rear window smashed and her bag, which contained her purse, missing.

The stolen items include the bag and clothes it contained worth $150, a $50 tan straw purse, a $50 gray LG8300 cell phone, four credit cards, $130 in cash, and two blank checks.

Butterfly Beach Camper Arrested

Thursday, July 5 – Deputy Koznek and Senior Deputy Harris were called to canvas Butterfly Beach at 10:45 pm after many complaints had been reported that people were sleeping on the beach.

When deputies arrived at the scene, the deputies noticed a man and woman sleeping in a makeshift shelter. The man was easily woken, however, the woman appeared to have passed out and was more difficult to awaken. When the woman was finally roused from her slumber, she was clearly intoxicated due to her slurred speech, unsteady balance, and watery eyes. When asked about her current state, the woman revealed that she had been drinking since two that afternoon.

The woman was consequently arrested due to public intoxication and given a ticket for illegal camping. The man also received a ticket for illegal camping but was not arrested.