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Letters to the Editor
A toast to funky, friendly, less-than-efficient Montecito Village Grocery; Team Debby sets new cross-country record; praising those magnificent Montecito moms; ethanol is the way to go; group takes on Randy Alcorn

Community Calendar
Rubbing shoulders with GOP bigwigs is this week’s special event, plus Music Academy master classes and a Friday night picnic concert

Thursday July 12 Open House; Big July 14 “Opera Scenes” in Abravanel Hall features Lotfi Mansouri and Warren Jones working with talented newcomers; free chamber music recital on Sunday; more

Voices of Montecito
What? We grow? Nay, says Jaffe, and he just may have a point… or two

Ernie’s World
Witham reveals secrets of good writing and successful slumber while working

State Street Spin
Native Americans fired him because he was Anglo, says jobless trio; Rebecca Chapman goes Hollywood

Ward Connerly
People shouldn’t be placed at the front of the line, particularly if they got here illegally, says Ward

Opinionated Traveler
Django Reinhardt draws them in from around the world to… Belgium

Events Calendar
Viva La France! Viva La Sarkozy! Viva La Champagne! Viva La French Festival!

On Stage
Want to help write – or re-write – that play? You can, at the Rubicon during “Plays In Progress” series

World of Wine
Santa Ynez Valley returns to pre-Prohibition era grape-growing abundance

Classified Advertising
If you want to sell it and you want someone in Montecito to buy it, this is where you should put your ad

Sheriff’s Blotter
They’re breaking into cars again at Cold Springs trailhead; it must be summer

Keeping that 'Village' Feel

Vol. 13 Issue 27

Maintaining a “Village” Feel

Everyone that attended the Tuesday July 10 Montecito Association monthly meeting was witness to what was surely the most positive response to a Montecito building project since, well, certainly within the last twenty years, maybe longer. The red carpet has been laid out for Mr. Richard Gunner’s build-out of what has come to be known as “The Pharmacy” property, a 55,000 square foot parcel that encompasses San Ysidro Pharmacy, the Montecito Coffee Shop, Coldwell Banker, William Laman Antiques, S.R. Hogue, and the parking lot across from Pierre Lafond.


What Is that Smell?

For the last couple of weeks a dubious smell has slowly permeated throughout Montecito, gaining in pungency as the summer weeks have passed; it is particularly odiferous around the Coast Village Road and lower Montecito area. It smells suspiciously like Montecito has an operating slaughterhouse nearby (abattoir for those of...

Scene Around Town

When Scribes Convene

“The Santa Barbara Writers Conference (SBWC) is the exclamation point of my year,” so said former Los Angeles Times book critic Charles Champlain during all the many years he was on the faculty. I wonder if founders Barnaby and Mary Conrad ever thought when they began the Writers Conference...


Brother, Can You Spare a Crime?

John Gregory Dunne – dubbed “St. John” by Shelly – is the master at whose feet all other wouldbe crime and detective novelists bow

I’ve had many reasons to think of St. John. ...

Coming & Going

The Moody Sisters book project

Marcia Gamble-Hadley is on a mission to create a book that highlights the Moody Cottages of Santa Barbara. She is a grand-niece of the Moody sisters, her grandfather having been their only brother. After investigating the existing records of the Moody Cottages in preparation for a new project in her...

On Music

The Music Academy Opera Showcase

Music Academy Opera Showcase is focus of Music Academy’s efforts

It’s no secret that the opera is the focal point for the vocal program at the Music Academy of the West. ...