Plasma TVs Stolen From San Ysidro Ranch

Monday, June 25 – Three 42” LG Plasma flat screen televisions along with sixteen spools of wire were stolen from the San Ysidro Ranch’s premises. The facility is currently under remodel and therefore many doorways and gates have been left unsecured. The suspects took advantage of this when they entered the Canyon cottages to remove the televisions through open doorways.

The sixteen spools of wire were located and extracted from under a porch which was not viewable to the public. This scenario prompted an employee of the electric company working with the Ranch to suggest that whoever took the wire already knew where it was. Altogether, about $9,920 worth of items were stolen.

Items Taken From Unlocked Car

Monday, June 25 – A Montecito resident reported a burglary of items from his car when he noticed objects had been moved around and the glove compartment had been left open. The victim claimed he had not locked his car, which is common for him. It was ascertained that a Nikon cool pix S4 digital camera worth $350 had been stolen as well as $25 in cash.

Marital Dispute

Tuesday, June 26 – A man came to the Sheriff’s Department office to file a report against his wife, who threatened to get him in trouble with law enforcement authorities. The man claims his wife and he are in the stages of a divorce and the process often angers his wife. This anger, combined with her suspicion of him having a girlfriend in Mexico, caused the wife to threaten him.

The man came to the Sheriffs Department to make a statement against his wife and her intentions. He said that he is also worried for the safety of his two children.

Smash and Grab

Wednesday, June 27 – A car’s passenger-side window was smashed allowing entrance to the vehicle. The owner of the car was staying at her friend’s residence after coming back from a concert. She noticed when she returned home that her car, which had stayed parked there, was fine. However, it wasn’t till the next morning that the women noticed her car had been broken into.

The items stolen included a black purse worth $50, a wallet worth $35, $100 cash, and a paycheck for $1000.

Personal Possessions Stolen From Within Locked Car

Wednesday, June 27 – Forced entry to a car occurred in the early hours of the morning. The owner of the vehicle returned to her in-laws’ residence at 2:30 am after attending a concert. The next morning, the owner realized the car’s passenger side window had been broken and multiple personal items were missing.

Items missing included a Canon camera valued at $500, a Verizon LG Phone valued at $100, multiple credit cards, and family photos.

Later the victim noticed that one of the credit cards had been used to buy a one-dollar item at a gas station. The gas station was verified as the “76” station on Carpinteria Ave.

Arrest Made on North Jameson

Saturday, June 30 – When Deputy D. Kohli accosted a transient, the deputy noticed the subject had a warrant out for his arrest. The man was taken to Santa Barbara County Jail, where he was booked on misdemeanor charges.

Locked Car broken into on Hot Springs Trailhead

Saturday, June 30 – Deputy Skall was called to an auto burglary near the entrance to the Hot Springs trailhead. A woman’s car had been broken into through the front passenger-side window while she was on her hour and a half hike. The incident occurred between 7:45 am and 9:15 am, and many items had been stolen.

A $500 satchel, $100 hand purse, $220 Chanel sunglasses, $200 BMW keys, $200 pink Razr phone, $170 large serving bowl, meant as a gift, and $350 in cash, was taken.

Man Arrested Due To Outstanding Warrant

Monday, July 2 – When a man was stopped for a traffic stop violation on Channel Drive, he was found to have an outstanding warrant. The deputy who stopped the man, Deputy A. Hernandez, booked him on misdemeanor charges.