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Also Inside This Issue

Letters to the Editor

Community Calendar
Montecito Association to consider plans for Richard Gunner’s property behind the pharmacy

Association Update
Traffic, Noise, Parking, subjects of concern; property rights and Montecito hillsides are too

Local News
Dream Foundation’s Flower Empower project coming to Coast Village Road

Music Academy Update
It’ll be a full week at Miraflores as musicians and singers practice and play

Coming & Going
The Roddick/Connors team triumphs; Laurel Hicks qualifies for USEF; SBHS needs a few new seats

Adopt A Pet
Green-Eyed Sassy is looking for a quiet home with friendly people

Your Westmont
The search for violins, a viola and a cello; Fiscor’s American double; Westmont students around the world

Montecito Heat
Michael Phillips says don’t make that lowball offer just yet

Ernie’s World
Witham gets a couple of legs up on the competition

Your Estate
Bartick proposes that it may be time for the investment tortoise to win

Purely Political
Kim is back on the case, says County officials merely biding time over Affordable Housing scandal

On Golf
Rancho San Marcos is back on line and the Bear’s Back is back!

On The Beat
They’re still Singing Like Hell at the Lobero, Steve notes

Events Calendar
Why, there is enough going on in this town to last a lifetime

Montecito Chef of the Month
Merle Guadagnini’s trifecta: knockwurst, zucchini casserole, and tiramisu

World of Wine
Gummere, Horvath, and Lafond are cloning grapes in Santa Rita Hills

Classified Advertising

Sheriff’s Blotter
Summer’s here; don’t leave your car – locked or unlocked – at Hot Springs trailhead

The Master Classes

Vol. 13 Issue 26

Anatomy Of A Master Class

In this era of energy consciousness, hybrids have become the buzzword of the automobile industry. But the concept is nothing new to the Music Academy of the West, where the master class has always served multiple purposes.


The Beginning Of The End Of An Era

On June 28, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled, by a 5-4 margin, that the use of race in assigning children to specific schools in two cities – Louisville and Seattle – was unconstitutional. Four of the justices pledged their allegiance to the opinion that the Constitution is “colorblind” and, thus,...

Montecito Diary

Tecolote’s New Owner(s)

After 15 years as manager of Tecolote BookShop, former MJ book columnist Mary Sheldon is the Montecito institution’s proud new owner. Peggy Dent, who’d owned Tecolote for the past 17 years, sold the store to Ms Sheldon; the deal was sealed as of June 1. Mary, who admits that owning...

Village Fourth

Complete coverage of the breakfast, Parade and events of the day

The Montecito Association, spearheaded by Village Fourth Chairman Diane Pannkuk and co-ordinator Dana Newquist held and arranged for another perfect Fourth of July Parade & Celebration on a sunny, pleasant Montecito day. ...

Scene Around Town

St. Jude’s Montecito Connection

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, founded by Danny Thomas in 1962, has a Santa Barbara Committee that is starting a local chapter. Senior Philanthropic Advisor for St. Jude Doré Charbonneau has been meeting with members Kathy Rezzonico, Geonine Moriarty, Angie Ferraro, Evon de Meistre (her 16-year-old daughter Angelia writes for...

Trail Talk

Home, Home, Via The Range

William, Max, and Brannon ride horseback 160 miles from Ojai to Santa Margarita

Essay Question: What did you do over your summer vacation? For Brannon Cavalier, William Hockey, and Max Pillsbury, three high-school seniors at Thacher School in Ojai, this will be a no-brainer. ...

The Way It Was

The Many Faces of Ogilvy Ranch

Lying several miles up from Mono Creek’s confluence with the Santa Ynez River, the Ogilvy Ranch has been an Indian village, a homestead, a cattle ranch, a family retreat, a commune, a paramilitary camp, a murder site, and an organic farm. Named for its third owner, Arthur E. Ogilvy, the...