Suspicious Man Arrested at MUS

Tuesday, June 12 – A male transient was reported repeatedly passing by Montecito Union elementary school. Deputy R. Baisa was called to question the male that a neighbor claimed frequented the area when students were dismissed.

Baisa confronted the man the neighbor identified and asked his name and a driver’s license. The man had no license with him, claimed he was living in Santa Barbara shelters, and would only give false names.

Sergeant Ikola, who later assisted the scene, recognized one of the false names as one he was given a week prior from the same man near another elementary school.

Under the charges of not carrying a valid ID and giving false identification, the man was arrested.

Arrest Made at Butterfly Beach

Tuesday, June 12 – Amongst vacationers playing volleyball and swimming, a man was arrested at Butterfly Beach. Deputy J Van Wagoner arrested the man due to an outstanding warrant for his arrest. The suspect was booked into Santa Barbara County Jail under felony charges.

Neighbor Dispute Develops Due to Hacking of Tree

Friday, June 18 – A neighbor quarrel began on East Valley Road when gardeners cut down a tree on the adjacent neighbor’s property. The woman whose tree had been removed contacted law enforcement and claimed that her male neighbor had cut down a tree on the side of their shared driveway. The woman stated that the man had an easement on the land, but it in fact was her property and her tree.

When responding Deputy D. Kohli contacted the woman’s neighbor, the man claimed the action was an accident. He told the deputy that he had given his gardeners directions to plant cider trees on his side of the property but they had misunderstood him due to their minimal comprehension of English.

The man said he would be willing to replace the tree.