Celebrating The Graduates

Mount Carmel

Graduation for Our Lady of Mount Carmel (OLMC) 8th-grade students was on Friday, June 8 at 6 pm at OLMC Church. Father Maurice O'Mahony, who officiated the Mass and ceremony for the graduates, congratulated the eighth-graders and told them, “We are very proud of you and are confident that you will continue to do well in your future studies as you have received an excellent education here at Our Lady of Mount Carmel School. You are always welcome to visit us. God bless you as you now start another chapter in your life's journey.”

OLMC Principal Karen Regan, who had been on maternity leave this year, nonetheless was behind the scenes supporting the graduating class and assisting with the program. In an interview about this year’s graduates, Karen told the MJ “…We believe we have laid a good foundation for the graduates of the class of 2007 and hope that they use all they have learned to contribute wonderful things to their new schools.”

There was a reception for the graduates following the awards assembly on that Friday morning and a barbecue at Lower Manning Park the day before graduation. Both events were hosted by the 7th-grade class as traditionally done at OLMC.

OLMC 2007 8th-grade graduates are: Eric Albarran, Cecilia Alvarez, Allison Breuer, Mallory Chandler, Robert Connolly-Siben, Fidela Curiel, Vince Figueroa, Benjamin Kwock, Jennifer Leonard, Sebastian Martinez, Jacob Overgaag, Thomas Rubio, Cristina Spampinato, Sean Stratford-Jones, Andrew Sullivan, Clio Uribe, Jesus Valle, Hank Vanderfin, and Alexander Victoria.

Cold Spring School

Cold Spring School’s 6th-grade graduation took place on Thursday, June 14 at 10 am at the CSS auditorium. The graduation ceremonies were led by CSS Superintendent-Principal Dr. Bryan McCabe. This year’s graduating class is especially important to Dr. McCabe, as both he and the students started at CSS in 2000. Dr. McCabe praised the school and the graduates. “…This is a great school,” he said, “we are very proud of our school, and this graduating class raised the bar in academics, arts, and PE. They are talented, bright and focused.” He brought to everyone’s attention that these students placed first in the API STAR testing for five years in a row in Santa Barbara County. And graduating student Rachel Bergseteren-Strange commented in her commencement speech, “…for the past seven years we have been making Dr. McCabe look really good!”

Sixth-grade teachers Ms Zannon and Mrs. Gradias, along with specialty teachers Mrs. Herzog (music), Mrs. Kaganoff (Art), and the infamous Coach “O”, were there to congratulate and award the students. The ceremonies included the annual slide show of the grads’ past six years at CSS, awards in music, dramatic arts, art, academics and PE. Commencement speeches were given by sixth-grade class representatives Jason Hahs, Rachel Bergseteren-Strange and Bryana Schantz. The Yearbook was dedicated to Technology Specialist Christian Garfield, who was deemed by the students “a computer geek who was not a nerd.”

A reception for grads, families, and friends immediately followed the ceremony, and was held in the garden courtyard next to CSS auditorium. There was also a 6th-grade graduation party at 6 pm that evening.

The CSS 2007 Sixth Grade Graduates are: Sasha Alexander, Sidney Beck, Rachel Bergseteren, Natalie Casey, Joshua Chevez, Tyler Feld, Zachary Feld, Nicola Florimbi, Gio Goggia, Jason Hahs, Justin Hayes, Lexsie Jordan, Carter Kimball, Evan Krause, Jordan Lemmond, Jared Lux, Kyle Mayfield, Madison Miller, Jacqueline Moore, Lydia Nelson, Nicholas Raphaelian, Sydney Riegert, Emma Robins, Bryana Schantz, Emily Stein, Alicia Tro, Mark Wladron, Gabrielle Weininger, Leah Yahyavi, and Will Zimmerman.

ELMO’s First Eighth-Grade Graduation

El Montecito Early School, (ELMO), held its first eighth-grade graduation on Friday, June 15 at second campus, located at 630 East Canon Perdido, Santa Barbara. The downtown campus houses grades 3 through 8. Head of School Jeannine Morgan presided.

ELMO’s first eighth-grade graduates are: Hailey Brymer, Spencer Dusebout, Ashley Guajardo, Parker Lilly, Jon Thomas Royston, and Angel Velasquez-Pantoja.

Laguna Blanca Lower School

Head of School Susan Naretto officiated; the fourth-grade graduates are: Ryan Bickett, Spencer Bloomer, Justin Bollag, Madison Bonser, Sarah Butler, Katie Carrillo, Patrick Corpuz, George Daugherty, Lucas Davis, Morgan Gainey, Kimberly Iniguez, Kela Johnson, Emma Klein, Lillianne Leight, Stephen McCaffery, Juliana Ozur, Noah Perlmutter, Parker Rusack, Cole Strachan, Nicholas Sultan, Carter Thicke, and Troy Wullbrandt.

Montecito Union School

Superintendent Dick Douglas and Principal Kris Bergstrom officiated; sixth-grade graduates are: Monica Alvarez, Aryanna Aronson, Luke Ballmer, Mitchell Barrett, Clayton Barry, Jessica Barry, Olivia Berci, Claire Bergthold, Jonathan Bommerez, Amritesh Brady, Christopher Burke, Logan Carmody, Emma Craine, Alissa Crane, Carly Cummings, Papi Damron, Helena Davila, Peter Ghersen, Ava Gore, Gigi Hadid, Tom-Jhon Hamouzas, Charles Haslem, Laurel Hicks, Hunter Hogan, Aidan Hogge, Connor Hranicky-Galitzer, Katie Janis-Patterson, Jack Kaiser, Elijah Kimmel, Andre Kohansamad, Monica Lodato, Peter Loomis, Jordan Lund, Emilio Madrid-Kuser, Ian Marks, Connor McManigal, Tanner Mjelde, James Morton, Kelly Nakashima, Joshua Neighbors, Grace O’Connell, Jordan Pena, Lakey Peterson, Sophia Phillips, Kaitlyn Rodnick, Teddy Rollins, Griffin Saxon, Hope Saxon, Sarah Scarminach, James Scheuermann, Zoe Serbin, Madison Severy, Sarah Sims, Colette Speer, Arianna Spiller, Madison Stranahan, Isabella Taron, Tori Thornburgh, Madeline Trabucco, Sophie Trabucco, Laura Vievard, Nicholas Von Wiesenberger, and Matthew Wagonhurst.

Crane Country Day School

Head of School Joel Weiss officiated; Crane Country Day School graduates are: Ronald Marshall Alex Jr., Cooper George Allebrand, Hadley Susanne Asher, Casey Austin Barr, Alexander Brian Biedul, Carly Michelle Biedul, Erin Theresa Chisholm, Nikolas Alexander Selkirk Comati, Ellexa Arrabella Conway, Alden Gregory Crowe, Brennan C. Cusack, Alexis Z. Desales, David Collin Dewell, Margarita del Carmen Diaz, Sierra Christine Doehr, Kersey Maitlin Fadduol, Sofia Lola Florimbi, Marlene Jane Gama, Cameron William Gniadek, Christian McGarry Gould, Lauren Kaori Gurley, Christian Hernandez, Morgan Westlee Lunt, Addison Kjaer Mayfield, Jillian Avery McIntyre, Foster Niel McKerjee, Kai Ana Miller, Keren L. Montano, Cormac Edison O’Connor, Maxwell Vaughn Parker, Brian Christopher Peters, Torrey Leigh Rasmussen, Dane DiMaggio Rios, Edward Rodriguez, Benjamin Patrick Samuels, Katherine Elizabeth Schuster, Imelda Celene Silva, Sanford William Spivey, Michael Scott Starnes, Arthur John Stegall IV “Jack”, Melanie Anne Thomas, SiQuoc Tran, Livingston Lloyd Willard, Hilary Gray Williamson, and Summer Rae Yoast.

Montecito Family YMCA (Pre-School)

Yvonne Rubio Head of Pre-school Program; Assistant Director Annie Fischer is Room 3 teacher and Corina Gonzales the Preschool Assistant; eighty-five years-young Mrs. Hubbell Bubble is the Volunteer in Room 3.

Montecito Family YMCA Pre-School Graduates are: Reese Bigelow, Miller Brichan, Sofia Garcia-Capelletti, Jackson Gonzales, Katie Hawthorne, Maile Ise, Chase Kimball, Chloe Norton, Alexa Osti, Carter Park, Alec Rubio, Mac Sales, Will Stevens, Sienna Stockwell, Matthew Treadway, Celine Vievard, and Caden Westwick.