Plasma Television Burglary at Westmont

Friday June 1 – Over the weekend, one 42” HD Plasma Screen television valued at $5,400 was stolen from a Westmont computer lab. According to Deputy O’Toole, the suspects entered Deane Hall through an unlocked window. There, O’Toole attempted to lift fingerprints and then continued to book them into forensic evidence.

Employee at Westmont Reports Plasma Television Stolen

Friday June 1 – An employee at Westmont College reported a burglary in the campus’s Kerr Student Center. The item missing was a LG50 Plasma Screen television, valued at $2,500. The employee who reported the burglary first noticed the television missing on Friday and assumed faculty had moved it. It was not until the next day, when the electronic gear remained missing, that he notified the police it was stolen. Deputies concluded that there were no signs of entry into the building and that the suspects entered through an unlocked door.

Driveway Dispute On East Valley Road

Tuesday June 5 – At 1 pm, a complaint was lodged between neighbors over a groove that was cut between their shared driveway on East Valley Road. One neighbor appeared angry because the other neighbor’s contractors had cut a groove in the driveway without permission. When the contractor was question by Deputy O’Toole, he claimed the groove was temporary and would be covered once the fence was installed.

Father/Son Verbal Dispute Turns Physical

Tuesday June 5 – Deputy M. Arend was called to a residence on Hot Springs Road where a father and son had engaged in a physical altercation.

According to the teenaged son, the two had interacted in a verbal dispute prompted when the father said, “You’re not my son.” The dispute turned physical when the son was called over to his father and asked, “How do you justify being rude to somebody?” The son claims this was when his father grabbed him by the neck and pushed him into a coffee table.

Deputy Arend concluded that the father also grabbed one of his son’s crutches and attempted to throw it at him. The father does not deny the allegations but responds that he pushed the boy by his chest, not his neck. The son did not press charges.

Items stolen from car in Bonnymede

Monday June 11 – During the evening, a suspect entered, and stole up to $670 worth of possessions from a locked car parked outside a Bonnymede residence.

Responding, Deputy Koznek concluded that the burglar broke into the locked 2006 White Toyota Corolla and then proceeded to take all items in the car. Items stolen included a pair of Maui Gems Sunglasses, a brown day planner, a bag containing personal items, and the victim’s Social Security card.