2007 Republican Women’s Scholarship Awards

Gwat Bhattacharjie, Scholarship Chairman, for the Montecito Hope Ranch Republican Women’s Club announced the 2007 scholarship winners at a luncheon at Montecito Country Club recently. Missing from the ceremonies was Jerad Bradley Ferguson, winner of the Montecito Hope Ranch Republican Women’s Federated Scholarship Award. He was at The California College Republicans convention. Jerad is now back in the area and the MJ took a moment to catch up with him.

Jerad is currently a Junior at UCSB and maintains a B+ average in the double major of Political Science and History. He plans to graduate Spring 2008 and attend law school. His career goals are to work in the field of law and “possibly politics in the future…”

Jerad has been involved with the College Republicans at UCSB since his freshman year in 2004, where he served as program director and vice-chairman. He is currently the elected chairman of the club. Last year he helped bring 60 Central Coast students to San Diego County to participate in a “Get Out The Vote” drive for the California College Republicans. He is now running for the position of Co-Chairman for the state organization. At UCSB, he participated in campus protests against Blame America First Professor Ward Churchill, and helped bring David Horowitz to speak on campus. Jerad is currently interning at the Young America’s Foundation and is helping to bring ABC’s libertarian 20/20 co-anchor John Stossel to speak on campus. Bradley stated that he hopes to continue to provide a strong voice of opposition to the campus’s liberal bias.

Jerad, “…I would like the thank the Montecito Hope Ranch Republican Women's Club for their generous scholarship and appreciate their support in my efforts with the Republican Party.”

Lakey Peterson Hangs Perfect 10

Montecito Union School’s sixth-grade student Lakey Peterson has recently won the West Coast Championships Explorer Girl Champion, and is the Regional Conference Champion of girls 14-and-under for surfing, where she was the youngest competitor in her class.

Her interest in surfing began two years ago while she and mom, Sue, were watching her dad, David, compete in an Iron Man competition. Lakey said, “…I looked at the surfers on the beach and thought, ‘I can do that’…”, and she discovered she indeed could. She is now the number-one rated surfer in her age group.

Lakey gets plenty of practice as Sue, an international competition swimmer, takes Lakey and her two best friends, Charlie Taylor and Eliot Hodges, surfing almost daily. Lakey also practices on a huge trampoline in her yard with a skateboard (minus its wheels). The trampoline trains for balance, board-grabbing techniques, and general conditioning. In addition, she trains the Gold Coast Groms’ coaches Mike Lamb and “Toma”.

Scores for the Championships are based on the number of turns the surfer does per wave, as well as position on the board. The West Coast event lasts for five days, while the Regional Event takes place over nine months (August through March). The Regional meet travels the coast of California to challenge the entrants on different beaches.

Lakey is also currently on a local water polo team, a Lifeguard Training Program, and has participated in other sports such as soccer, basketball, baseball and tennis. She is sponsored by Patagonia and will spend a week in Mexico modeling the company’s clothes.

Lakey says she likes surfing and hopes to turn professional. She also enjoys designing tee-shirts featuring her favorite sayings (one of which is “Open your life to sports”) or places she has surfed.

Saving Soles At Laguna Blanca

On Tuesday, May 29, Deckers Outdoor Corporation President/CEO (and Montecito resident) Angel Martinez visited Laguna Blanca School to thank students and faculty for their generous donation of over 200 pair of shoes for the Deckers “Soles4Souls” Shoe Drive, which collects and distributes shoes as part of a greater disaster relief efforts from the Gulf Coast to Third World areas. Accompanying Mr. Martinez was his Executive Assistant Michelle Apodaca.

Laguna partnered with Deckers for the month of May to help reach the goal of collecting 250,000 pair of shoes. The idea for Laguna to participate in the donation campaign came from Assistant Mary Jane Kober and Head of School Susan Naretto. Ms Kober had been surfing the web and noted the shoe donation project that had benefited victims of Hurricane Katrina. She mentioned it to Ms Naretto, who agreed it would be a good participatory project for the school’s annual Keys to Citizenship program. The goal for the school was set at 120 pair of shoes; that goal was not only reached but easily surpassed. The final shoe donation count was 203.

Deckers brands include Teva, Simple and Ugg. If you’d like to donate, you are invited to visit www.Deckerss.com/giveshoes for drop off locations. Deckers contact person is Eschette at 805-967-7611, ext 178 or jeschette@Deckerss.com.