La Playa Pilates of Montecito Changes Partners

Lorena Gutierrez, recent past owner of the La Playa Pilates and Wellness Center studio across from the Bird Refuge, “tossed the ball” over to her business partner Martha Solodkin-Klopp, this past week. The girls opened the studio together in 2001, after each having their own business separately. Lorena had outgrown her 400-square-foot space on Hot Springs Road. Together they chose the current location for La Playa, which afforded them a 2,000-square-foot location. Three years later, Martha enrolled in nursing school, and had her second child, so she gave the business in toto to Lorena.

Lorena is handing the business over to Martha to spend more time with new hubby Aaron Cheverez,; the couple plan to build their dream home off Shoreline. Martha is currently finishing her RN degree and looks forward to promoting wellness through the center. She has been involved in Pilates for 15 years, with a training background from Ellie Herman, who was certified by Romana Krysanowska in New York City.

La Playa’s contributions to Montecito include its donations to over 300 packages of Pilates classes and massage therapy to auctions at all Montecito schools and non-profit organizations, such as the Red Feather Ball every year, for the last six years.

Lorena would like MJ readers to know that, “The best tool in life is a sense of humor.” For more information, contact the center at 805-695-0411.