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Also Inside This Issue

More reasons to steer your business to mom & pops; congrats to Dr. Winter and Dick Thielscher

Letters to the Editor
Shumans wonder what to do about barreling bicyclists; Ms Friedman wants her “fair share” of government money; Mr. Burned on “war for oil”

Community Calendar
Polo Season back into swing; matches every Friday & Sunday; Music Academy into full swing too;

Your Westmont
Scott Craig with the lowdown on what’s doing uptown in Montecito

Scene Around Town
The Pressors serve lunch in Hope Ranch for CALM supporters; Hillside House honors men & women of purpose

On the Beat
Music Academy of the West celebrates six decades of student/mentor enchantment

In Business
La Playa Pilates changes hands

Has the movement towards universal college attendance hurt minorities? Maybe, says Ward

Coup de Grace
Ms Rachow wonders why Commando Yoga Man doesn’t wear underwear

Purely Political
Frank McGinity says he’s ready for jury duty, but suggest you should be too

Kid Stuff
It’s not too late to sign your child up for these summer camps

The Way It Was
The Ogilvy Ranch’s historic trail from rancheria to ranch

Your Estate
Gary Bartick says it’s okay to plan for your children and their future, just don’t forget the pets

On the Ranch
Hayley Jessup, Joan Speirs, and Kelley Lucia raise Cain by raising camelids

Our Town
Giving out Republican Women’s Scholarship Awards; Lakey Peterson surfs to the top; Laguna Blanca saves soles

Calendar of Events
Rubicon connected to ETC; ETC connected to UCSB; UCSB connected to Lit Moon; Lit Moon connected to DIJO, and be sure to note the Live Oak Music Festival too

On Stage
Jackson Pollock has nothing on MJ columnist Jim Alexander, who will sell his used painting cloths for considerably less

On Music
Live Oak Music Festival is but 10 minutes from Montecito, but it’s a world apart

Classified Advertising

Sheriff’s Blotter

The New Look of the New Miramar

Vol. 13 Issue 24

The New New Miramar

On Thursday, June 7, Caruso Affiliated representatives met with Association directors Ted Tedesco and MA President Bill Palladini, with Jim Langhorne and Chief Kevin Wallace at Montecito Fire District, county staff, Supervisor Salud Carbajal, members of the Seaside Association, Voices of Montecito, and others. Through the use of such meetings, they have probably reduced the number of contentious issues to two: a shift in architectural style from “cottage” to “plantation” that is likely to draw some criticism, and the heavy use of lawn area that would require the heavy use of water may also present a problem.

Local News

Homeland Security At Four Seasons Biltmore

IF you were stuck in traffic on Channel Drive Friday, June 8 and wondered what the heavy-duty armored truck, the black German Shepherd dogs, and militarily attired gun-toting guards holding up the large red Stop signs were up to, well, so were we. You may have heard about Italy’s first-ever...

Montecito Diary

Passport To Venice

Patrons that spent $250 and more to attend this year’s “Passport To Venice” Opera Santa Barbara fundraiser held at Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club on Sunday June 3 were treated to cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, and entertainment outside the dinner tent before being ushered into the elaborately decorated tent for...

State Street Spin

The Upside of the West Side Story

Some 45 years ago, a young drama teacher at La Cumbre Junior High, Jack Nakano, set the wheels of local youth theatre in motion. He envisioned a cohesive theatre curriculum to be collaborated by all the high-school and junior-high drama staff. With other teachers, he also launched a summer program...

Coming & Going

Greasecars in Montecito

Having French fries with your burger may not be such a terrible thing after all, especially if it helps someone drive home. A company called Greasecar is helping turn old diesel cars into biofuel cruisers. Chris Dabney, a Montecito Union alumnus and former Lucky’s valet, has recently returned from a...

World of Wine

The Victory of Vogelzang

Would you call up Bill Gates and ask if he could help you set up your email account? If you did would he say, “Sure, I’ll be right over?” The fact that a newcomer to Montecito with no experience in the vineyard business and no “connections” did the equivalent with...