High School Shows Are Hot Again

Local youth theatre is really making a comeback after a long long hiatus. While there have been good productions here and there (“Showstoppers” with Radu Azdril, “The Wiz” at San Marcos High School with David Holmes) – community-wide, our local youth theatre has, until recently, lacked in volume and the overall level of quality has been inconsistent since Santa Barbara Youth Theatre days. The reason for the renaissance? There are a number of good programs (private) and classes in dance, theatre and music, and the result is better performers in school productions, which then become more competitive and fuel more outside programs and training.

A fun production at Santa Barbara High was “The Pajama Game.” It was a well-paced show, especially considering the number and variety of scenes, and I especially enjoyed the enthusiasm, energy and output. The leads were good, and some standouts that I remember were the union babe, her father, and the company president was an exceptionally natural talent – the next Nathan Lane.

Director David Holmes, as usual, knocked it out of the park at San Marcos High – with an unusual production of “The Wiz” (originally done as an all-black cast). As my husband remarked – it was not that it was a really good high school production, it’s that it was simply a great production. The four chorus girls on the side could take their show on the road. The four leads were exceptional. Dorothy – what a voice! Tin man –outstanding! Lion was an outstanding performer, and Scarecrow was mesmerizing as he danced and slid around the stage. The four of them sang well, danced well, and acted well. Even little cameo roles shined – such as the Major Domo. (And, I appreciated finding the annual ‘Clamper’ insider jokes injected into the script). I had to keep reminding myself “high school? And I am sooo sorry that I missed the musical production at Laguna Blanca, I hear tell that the “Once on This Island” under the direction of director Peter McCorkle, earned rave reviews from local theatre goers.

Old Photo Call

Hey you old timers! Anybody got any early photos of B’nai B’rith – either at Santa Barbara Street or especially at the Garden/Figueroa Temple? Or the old Coppedge Groceries, same location? Call me – 687-6733!

The Return of Rudy

This weekend, Presidential hopeful and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani will be in – of all places – Avila Beach. You’ll need just $2300 to have breakfast and a photo op. But Avila Beach? Well, ‘tis said that the Montecito gathering last month or so was the largest single political candidate fundraiser in county history. At any rate, it certainly must have been good enough or he wouldn’t be back. Not just for the moral support but more importantly at this point – for more funding.

Strange goings on indeed when big Republicans are found in this county – or SLO for that matter – and getting that kind of support. Want in? Call (310) 500-4285.

Rescue Leftovers for the Rescue Mission.

Here’s a follow-up to last month’s bit on the Rescue Mission that someone suggested.

If you have leftover food after a party and think it would be a waste to throw it out – it would be! So wrap it up and drive it down to the Rescue Mission to the kitchen.

You know the drill “Look at all this cake – anybody want to take this home? Gee it’s a waste to throw this out!” So now I do this regularly myself when I am helping to clean up at the end of some event – leftover BBQ chicken, garlic bread, gallon of baked beans, half a sheet of party cake, etc. It does not need to be a huge amount. You’ve got five chicken breasts, a bucket of potatoes, and a half bag of cookies? They can use it to feed the guys in line seeking a daily handout at noon. (Or maybe the residents in the program will finish off the cookies during evening TV!)

21 Gun Salutes

At the District Lion’s Convention, President Bill Redding of Santa Barbara was named the District 4-A3 Lion of the Year for 2006-2007! Joe Woodruff of the Carpinteria Lions Club was chosen to be Vice-District Governor for next year.

Special congrats to Mike and Jennie “Dancing Shoes” Petlow. The dynamic dancing duo – well known for their involvement in a variety of community activities – are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary.

A fond farewell to Sandy Everett, longtime dancer, performer, and tap dance teacher in Santa Barbara. She was darling on stage, a disciplined performer, and a thoughtful teacher. Sandy was one of the Barbarettes, and longtime protégé of its founder Jean Robbins. You do remember the Barbarettes, don’t you?