Two iMac Computers Reported Missing

Monday, May 28 – Two computers, each valued $1,000, were reported missing from the department of an institution on La Paz Road. The iMac computers were discovered missing during an inventory check of computer equipment in the department’s facilities.

The department supervisor said it was difficult to determine precisely when the computers disappeared because the equipment regularly moves from room to room and because the inventory isn’t routinely counted. Department staff said the computers were first installed in the network in September 2006.

The department is open to staff members and also to students, many of whom have an entrance key to the building.

Construction Vehicle Suffers Damage on Alston

Tuesday, May 29 – The owner and developer of a lot on Alston Road reported a backhoe parked at the entrance of his property had been vandalized. The 55-year-old victim said he suspected the culprits were teenage kids, whom he had previously seen across the street “pumping” an air gun.

The victim said he discovered various air soft pellets in the area and a small fragment of glass with a “BB” indentation.

Deputy Skall said the backhoe’s left side window had been shattered, leaving a total damage of less than $400. The deputy said he would be questioning residents of the victim’s neighborhood about the incident.

No Charges Filed in Neighbor Altercation

Thursday, May 31 – An argument between two East Valley Road residents reached fisticuffs after one 32-year-old resident struck his neighbor in the face. The 23-year-old neighbor retaliated by submitting the resident in an elaborate chokehold.

The argument reportedly began when the 32-year-old man, who claimed to be the property manager, approached his neighbor about his poor treatment of the premises.

No charges were filed and no medical attention was required.