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Hammering It Out

In response to a comment the Journal made suggesting that my letter was vitriolic towards Republicans and Tom DeLay (montecitojournal.net/archive/13/17/963/):

You label my rhetoric towards Tom "The Hammer" DeLay as vitriolic. Well, at the risk of beating a dead hyena allow me to say a few more words about our recent distinguished guest and perhaps explain my loathing for the man.

The Hammer did not receive his moniker from his adversaries but from his friends and allies. As he rose to power in the House of Representatives and eventually reached the lofty position of Majority Leader he did so because of his ruthless reputation of "hammering" those Republicans that did not toe the line on the Republican agenda. Newly elected men and women were often times forced to vote against their conscience lest The Hammer deny them plum committee seats and/or deny their bills passage. Entire political careers flourished or withered at the behest of The Hammer and, thus, the Republicans often appeared as a monolith, marching in perfect sync, like goose-stepping Nazis; ruled by fear of The Hammer's vindictiveness; small wonder he is no longer welcome in Washington.

When President Clinton was going through his travails over his dalliance with Monika Lewinsky no one was more outraged that Mr. DeLay who virtually foamed at the mouth at this affront to his high moral standard. Ah, but as we later discovered, not only Mr. DeLay but other equally frothing Republican hypocrites such as Rep. Livingston, Rep. Barr and good old Newt Gingrich himself-just to name a few-were equally guilty of massive adultery in their own marriages.

But The President was under oath when he lied was the patented spin. Well you know what? So were they; and the oath they violated was far more egregious than the one Clinton violated by lying in a civil deposition: The sacred oath they made to their wives and mothers of their children to be faithful.

In his memoirs The Hammer lauds his wife as "the love of his life." Indeed, I wonder what "Hot Tub Tom" was whispering to all those women he bedded and entertained in the warm waters of countless Jacuzzis as he went about betraying his wife while she was home alone waiting for him from all those endless late nights at the office.

So now with his own party casting him out-as his wife should-he wanders around the country attending various conservative functions (he can't leave, you know, since they lifted his passport) pretending he is an honorably wounded soldier in the great war against the detested colossus: Liberalism.

The Hammer is wounded all right, he has a dozen or so bullet holes in his feet; but have no doubt that forensic analysis would show the hot lead causing his agony all came from his own guns.

David Bostick


(Publisher’s Note: Hmmm, “goose stepping Nazis”? Gee, since Democrats always vote en masse, what does that make them? Just to clarify, Clinton lied in a “civil deposition” and also violated the “sacred oath” to his wife. We did not compare Mr. DeLay’s character to President Clinton’s. We were honored to have the chance to sit down and speak 1-on-1 with Mr. DeLay. History aside, his intimate insight into politics is invaluable. – TLB)

Global Embarrassment

For the record, I'm neither Republican nor Democrat. Given his track record, to believe Bush is an "inherently decent man" is naive, if not outright ignorant. His persona may seem to be that, but his war's been a joke based on continued lies, corrupt capitalism and has resulted in a global credit embarrassment. It's not even a constitutionally declared war. Our tax policy is a joke. Also for the record is that I see no Democrat who knows of a better solution.

We should end the denial, admit the issue is a need for their oil and then simply figure how to buy it at (hopefully) a fair price! Enough is enough!

Benjamin Burned


(Publisher’s Note: Certainly Bush does not possess his predecessor’s ability with words but I would question your claim that the Iraq war “has resulted in a global credit embarrassment.” Unfortunately for the United States, major media would have us believe that our “global credit” has been damaged. The recent election of French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who is a vocal United States supporter, would suggest otherwise. Canada and Germany have also seen Presidents/Prime Ministers elected who are supporters of the US. If “Bush’s war” is based on “continued lies and corrupt capitalism” why would Tony Blair, at the cost of his office, adamantly defend the war? – TLB)

Montecito Hospitality

After returning from a vacation I happened to run across an organization in California that arranges to have kids from an orphanage in the Ukraine come to visit the USA. They were seeking host families to place the children for two weeks. I did not give it much thought at first until I remembered a conversation I had had one day with a friend. We were discussing the image of the United States around the world. What do children around the world think of the USA? If all they see or hear is… Perhaps, just perhaps, winning the heart of one child would do more to create peace in this world than all the UN meetings, World Peace Conferences and Biltmore Retreats. At least we would have the satisfaction of knowing we directly influenced the thinking of one child's perception of our country and maybe that child would tell another child and they would tell two and so on… well you get the point.

It was a wonderful experience. Many of our closest and best friends rushed forward to help. Toni Simon brought magic tricks and invited them to her home in Montecito, Wendy Laub, club champion at Montecito Golf Club gave them their first golf instructions, Cheuy Valencia gave the boys soccer lessons, the Greek Community embraced them for Easter, and the International Market which services the Russian community became a regular destination.

We completed our hosting program with a day at Disneyland. The children are back in the Ukraine now and they have taken with them the memories and the hearts everyone they came in contact with while here in Santa Barbara. Thank you to all who shared your love for these children; they will always remember you for your generosity and love and we will always remember you.

We contacted the organization and requested we be put on a permanent list of families in the USA for future Hosting Programs.

If you are interested please contact laurel@godswaitingchildren.com

James Towle



In an article about traffic safety two editions ago (“Local News,” # 13/19), Tracey Willfong-Singh, chair of Cold Spring’s Safe Routes to School committee, was quoted as having said, “All we’re asking for is making some use of the public roadway to put in an inconspicuous, rural pathway.” What Ms Willfong-Singh actually said was that parents wanted to make “some use of the public right-of-way.”