A Day for Grandparents, Grandchildren and One School

It was a full day of activities for the students and faculty last Friday when Laguna Blanca Lower School hosted Grandparents Day. The focus of the celebration was for students to show their gratitude for and honor their grandparents, who in addition to their love and support of their grandchildren also volunteer at the school as readers, teacher assistants and help out in the school’s garden.

The program started with a coffee meet and greet. The students then ushered in their grandparents to the school’s backyard area for a full hour performance. Each grade performed a segment from their annual school play. Ray Robitaille, the school’s physical education teacher and coach for 27 years, helped get the students on and off the stage, and also participated in one performance with his “play parachute,” an extra large, globe-shaped and multi-colored material that was held up by a group of students. They paced in a circle until the ‘chute was filled with enough air to expand and emulate the “world,” a theme for the song students sang, “I am Just a Small Part of the World.”

Later on, grandparents were brought to the front of the school, where circular tables with umbrellas were ready for a special catered luncheon. Grandparents also toured the school’s facilities and each student took their grandparent to their homeroom for classroom presentations.

Grandparents Day is an annual tradition that dates back to 1980 when Catherine Gainey, whose children attended Laguna, collaborated with a group of mothers to create a celebration to draw grandparents nearer to their grandchildren’s scholastic lives. Gainey now has three grandchildren of her own at the school.