Car Burglarized of Pills, Harmonicas

Monday, April 30 – A 50-year-old man's locked car was reportedly burglarized in front of his residence on Banner Avenue.

The victim’s personal assistant reported three prescription medications stolen from the car, including Oxycodone, a painkiller, Adderall, an amphetamine prescribed for attention deficit disorder, and Duragesic, a narcotic pain medicine. Also among the stolen property were 22 harmonicas worth a total of $3,000 and a suitcase valued at $200.

Suspected Theft Turns Into Assault

Tuesday, May 1 – A 23-year-old man said he was the victim of assault with a deadly weapon on Coast Village Road.

The man told Deputy Farley his ex-girlfriend went to his residence and stole an antique knife worth $100, bottles of Ritalin and Ambien, a sleeping pill, as well as $80 cash when the man wasn’t home.

Upon returning home, the man said the woman threw his wallet at him, which he reported had previously been inside his vehicle parked in front of his house.

The man told deputies he followed the woman to the Vons parking lot, on Coast Village Road, where she hit the man with her vehicle. The victim apparently hit the windshield and rolled onto the ground, suffering knuckle injuries.