Pebble Beach and Beyond

Who doesn’t love 17 Mile Drive and the Lodge at Pebble Beach near Carmel? The Santa Barbara Historical Society had the Pebble Beach Company Historian and award-winning author Neal Hotelling here to give us “The Heritage of Pebble Beach and its Santa Barbara Connection” in an illustrated program in the Covarrubias Adobe.

Hotelling’s latest book is “Pebble Beach Heritage Collection,” which he co-authored with Matthew Vree. There are more than 100 pictures of famous folks who lived the good life throughout the century beginning with the Hotel Del Monte in 1880. One of the photographers who worked for the Pebble Beach Company from 1924 until 1963 was Julian P. Graham, whose black-and-whites adorn many of the pages in this tactile and carefully constructed book. The local connection is that Graham’s grandson Terry Anderson and wife, Barbara Briggs-Anderson, who live in Montecito. Barbara is the curator for the Julian P. Graham Historical Photographic Collection and has been working for a few years retrieving and finding his lost photos. There are now 2,300 on her website (; 67 were used in the book.

One of the pictures that surprised the audience was one of “our own” Barnaby Conrad with John Steinbeck some decades ago. Barnaby was producing a movie called “Flight” – an adaptation of a short story written by Steinbeck. In Hotelling’s book there are images of Charles Lindbergh and his wife on their honeymoon at the Hotel Del Monte. Winston Churchill and Clark Gable visited. Photos show Teddy Roosevelt, who is remembered for making the 17 Mile Drive in the fastest time. Instead of the usual leisurely all-day horse and carriage ride (with lunch) he chose a fast horse and made the loop in one and a half hours. The Hotel Del Monte is now on the campus of the Navy Post Graduate School in Monterey. The Pebble Beach Company moved down the road after World War II and built the current Lodge located between Monterey and Carmel.

Some of the friends of the Andersons attending the presentation were Al and Rosalind Amorteguy, Jim Ebright (wife Laurie was sick at home), Doug and Mary Hampson, Bill and Beth Leddy and Ted and Cynthia Thoreson. The lecture ended with Hotelling presenting the President of the Board of Trustees Ed Sands with maps and papers of Hope Ranch from the Pebble Beach Company archives – another Santa Barbara connection.

Everyone adjourned at the museum for a wine and hors d’oeuvres reception amidst the Teddy Bear display inspired by interim Executive Director David Bisol’s book from his grandfather. It was about President Teddy Roosevelt bears, a first edition published in 1906.

If you’d like more information regarding the “Heritage Collection” contact the Santa Barbara Historical Society at 966-1601.

Books ‘n Crannies

The Board of the Friends of the Santa Barbara Public Library held its annual Holiday Tea & Nooks ‘n Crannies Tour in the Townley Room of the downtown library. I liked the Nooks ‘n Crannies part. Cute! The purpose of the event was to honor board members and the library staff.

Mary Romo, Zora Charles and Sally Hamilton were chairs for the tea, but Mary was the only one attending. The other two were off gallivanting in Hawaii. Not too shabby. The guests sipped tea and nibbled on an array of goodies. Each guest had brought a book for the Exchange Table.

Irene Macias is the new director of the library. Jeri Moulder is in charge Friends of the Library with other Board jobs held by Jan Luc, Linda Love, Joanna Kaser, Rad Schreiber, Laurie MacMillan and Romo. Board member Sally Hamilton is the artist who designed the book bag that is sold in the library gift shop. Mayor Marty Blum dropped by the tea, as did former First District County Supervisor Naomi Schwartz and past board member Lynn Stewart.

Laurie MacMillan has recently taken over publicity and told me, “There are about seven hundred members of Friends of the Library who donate money to fund services, programs and collections that the library can’t afford. Over a million and a half items were checked out in the entire county in 2006.”

Other stats of interests: about 160,000 adults and 30,000 kids hold library cards in Santa Barbara county. There are 73,000 children in the county involved in various library programs either at their school or at the library.

Volunteers can do a number of things: serve on a committee, assist at events, recruit corporate sponsors, write for the newsletter or work on website design and updating. Call 961-2515 for more info.