Auto Break-in and Burglary

Monday, January 1 – A Banner Avenue resident reported his car had been broken into and burglarized for more than $5,000 worth of property. The stolen items include an Apple G4 Powerbook valued at $3,000, a portable Cannon scanner ($150), a brown leather carrying case ($500) and many snowboarding accessories – pants, goggles, jacket – totaling around $5,000.

Deputy C. Anderson said Sheriff’s deputies canvassed the area for witnesses, but were unsuccessful.

Trespassing on Bonnie Lane

Monday, January 1 – A Bonnie Lane resident said two unidentified suspects tried unsuccessfully to open the gate to her residence.

The resident’s son told Deputy Woodwill that he saw two people jump the front gate of their residence. After attempting to open the gate, they apparently jumped back over the fence and left, the son said.

The resident said he wanted the incident documented because she is trying to obtain a restraining order on her ex-husband and she believes that these two suspects are his friends.

Her son said he didn’t know the individuals but would be able to identify them.

‘Delusions of Grandeur’

Sunday, January 7 – A suspect entered the Music Academy of the West and refused to leave in an incident that ended with a citizen’s arrest.

The suspect was detained after he was seen entering the kitchen and dining room of the Music Academy of the West, according to the property’s caretaker. The caretaker said he found the man rummaging through the kitchen cabinets before he walked into the dining area to sit on the couch and smoke a cigarette.

Deputy T. Crouse said the man refused to leave the premises. Asked why he had entered the property, the suspect said he was suffering from “delusions of grandeur. I’m mentally ill, but I am doing much better.”