Epiphany Owners Deliver ‘Italian Sushi’

On June 12, Alberto and Michelle Mastrangelo, owners of Epiphany Restaurant & Bar, will celebrate their establishment’s six-year anniversary. There will be much to toast to, as during the first week in July they will open their second restaurant, Sesto Senso, on Coast Village Road in the Vons shopping center.

“We’re going to open a wine and carpaccio bar; it will also have light appetizers,” says Michelle, who explains that, “in essence, it’s a tapas bar, but when people hear the word ‘tapas,’ there is an expectation of Spanish cuisine. The focus will be more Italian.”

In addition to an abundant selection of carpaccio, including seabass, beef and salmon, the menu will feature caviar, raw oysters, charcuterie, light salads, appetizers and artisanal cheeses and chocolates.

“My husband has always wanted this,” says Michelle, explaining that Italian-born Alberto chose the name Sesto Senso, Italian for “sixth sense.”

“This is kind of ‘Italian sushi,’ but that gets misunderstood…the sushi concept is lots of little different tastes,” Michelle goes on. “You can have some wine, a little cheese, some carpaccio and a taste of prosciutto. I love to eat like that. It is going to be really, really fun.”

The menu will have a full complement of large wine-by-the-glass program, and the wine list will feature local winemakers.

“It will be heavy on California, and we will definitely have a lot of imports – Spanish, Chilean, Italian,” says Michelle.

Taking over the old Video Visions store location, Alberto and Michelle have plans to redo the space with “something chic and fun.” Guests can look forward to dark mahogany wood and stonework to create a simple and comfortable environment. There will be an outdoor private patio with big Italian pots and outdoor curtains for exclusivity.

As for having two restaurants, “we work almost every night, it’s what we do and we love it,” says Michelle. “We’re excited to do a new concept, it’s a big deal, double the work, but we get to do exactly what we want.”

For more information visit www.sestosensoca.com or call 805-564-7100.