Jewelry, Guns Raided from Piedras Home

Wednesday, April 25 – A burglar stole more than $36,000 worth of possessions from a couple's home on Piedras Drive, including two firearms and an enormous collection of precious jewelry.

One of the victims, a 41-year-old woman, told Deputy Roberts she had come home and noticed her clothes and dresser drawers strewn in a haphazard manner on the floor of her bedroom. She said she also noticed her jewelry was missing; her husband reported some missing possessions too.

Among the stolen items: diamond bracelet ($6,400); locket ($3,200); pearl necklace ($300); pearl and diamond earrings ($750); charm bracelet ($485); brooch ($6,500); platinum ring ($1,500); white gold ring ($750); tennis bracelet ($7,500); pearl and diamond earrings ($860); Rolex watch ($525); cross necklace ($300); gold ring ($2,000); Tiffany's bracelet ($525); diamond earrings ($1,500); pearl ring ($750); silver identification bracelet ($325); ivory bracelet ($200); handgun ($700); Smith and Wesson handgun ($350); and a surf board ($700).

Auto Vandalism Causes Under $400 Damage

Monday, April 26 – An unknown suspect vandalized a vehicle on Olive Mill Road, causing less than $400 in damages.

The 50-year-old female victim told Deputy Dickey someone had spray-painted her rental car with yellow paint.