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Also Inside This Issue

Tim says the vote against the American Charter High School was disappointing but not all that surprising

Letters to the Editor
Unforeseen consequences of development; case closed: population in decline; saving Montecito’s trees

Community Calendar
Art gallery displays, luncheons, benefits, tributes, hearings, meetings and the daily tide chart

Sheriff’s Blotter
Piedra Drive home raided of more than $36,000 worth of guns and high-priced jewelry; more

Ernie’s World
Warning: Reading Mr. Witham’s column can cause seizure-like spasms of laughter and severe bellyaches. His words should not be read on an empty stomach.

County adopts its very first private foster care agency, Angels Foster Care of Santa Barbara

Mark Your Calendar
Hillside House Women Of Purpose, its fourth annual benefit luncheon, on Thursday, May 17

Scene Around Town
National Charity League 2007 Senior Ticktockers Presentation; Cheers to the Music Academy compeers

Adopt a Pet
Mia, a 49-pound, spayed female German shepherd, is available for adoption through K9 PALS

Our Town
Crane School hosts citywide chess tournament; Cold Spring students pump up the drive for Unity Shoppe

Your Estate
If you think college is already expensive, get prepared to dip more into those savings and extend that debt, says Gary Bartick

Eye on Santa Barbara
Paseos make downtown areas more functional and pleasant for pedestrians, says John Watson

Events Calendar
Circle Bar B Dinner Theatre “Crimes of the Heart”; “Lightning in a Bottle” festival; “East Coast/ West Coast – Landscapes from Maine to Montecito”; lots more

On the Beat
Reintroducing “Peter and the Wolf”; Scott O’Dell’s “Island of the Blue Dolphins”; Symphony sign-off; more

Trail Talk
Remembering Colonel Logan T. McMenemy, his contributions and namesake trail

Book Talk
Shelly Lowenkopf on Angus Wilson’s “Anglo-Saxon Attitudes” and anthropological and archaeological hoaxes

Opinionated Traveler
David Goldman at the end of South America “rounding the Horn”

Epiphany restaurateurs to open carpaccio and wine bar in Coast Village Shopping Center in July

World of Wine
Stories and perspectives from Santa Barbara county’s foremost wine trailblazers on the Central Coast’s rising grape, Syrah

Classified Advertising


Vol. 13 Issue 19

No Rush & No Regrets

There are two guitar cases in the entryway of the Montecito home folksinger Tom Rush shares with his second wife, Renée Askins, and their 7-year-old daughter, Sienna.

On Education

The High Price of English 101

A recently released report by the State of California’s Legislative Analyst’s Office, or LAO, reveals the high cost and dubious effectiveness of the state’s efforts to educate massive numbers of non-English speaking students. The report, presented to the California State Assembly’s Budget Subcommittee on Education Finance, exposes some stark facts...

Mother’s Day Dining Guide

The Mother’s Day Dining Guide

Stumped on what to get Mom this weekend? How do you buy for the woman who already has everything? Well, one thing you can count on for May 13 is her having an appetite. This directory gives you a taste on how Mom can come away from her holiday fully...

Local News

Officials Take Cautious First Steps on Road to Traffic Safety

Last Friday, the cars whizzed by on Sycamore Canyon Road with almost unfailing syncopation. As they flashed by during the day’s peak hour of traffic, a group of about 15 people hugged the road shoulder with curious trepidation, watching the vehicles blow by leaving only drafts of warm air in...

Coming & Going

The Pin Curl Queen Calls It Quits

After more than half a century of hairdressing, 36 years in Montecito, Annie Bradley is hanging up her pin curls. Annie, who was born in Denmark and is trained in four languages – German, English, French and Danish – spent her last day last month at the Montecito Beauty Salon....

Real Estate View

To Buy and Hold

Yes, a slow market and sweat equity helps in buying a home, but so does a “short-pay,” says Mark Schneidman

In mid-1996, I represented buyers who bought a house in Summerland that had been on the market for approximately 11 months. Disregard the fact that prices have skyrocketed since then; they made a good buy thanks to that slow market, sweat equity and, most importantly, a “short-pay.” ...

The Classical Connection

Chuck Wood, Emeritus in Excelsis

Band director/composer/musician Chuck Wood will conduct his “Te Deum Laudamus” this weekend

For most people, retirement means slowing down, relaxing, taking it easy. But band director/composer/musician Chuck Wood just can’t seem to stop taking on new projects. ...