Santa Barbara Electric Bicycle Company: Hitting the Streets in Style

In the face of rising gas prices and increases of traffic congestion, Santa Barbara Electric Bicycle Company has introduced an innovative way to look at transportation. With a product concept that promotes energy efficiency and sustainability, owners Scott and Susanna Shaw are looking to electric bicycles to transform daily routines by offering an alternative to mass transit and cars.

Through the use of a rechargeable, lightweight battery, the electric bikes are designed to diminish reliance on petroleum, reduce pollution, and offer more outdoor time and interaction with natural surroundings.

Santa Barbara Electric offers three options for its customers. For coasting around town, the Channel Island Cruiser allows you to ride up to 20 miles a day, without breaking a sweat, and is available in two models – the Santa Rosa and the San Clemente – and in a variety of colors.

The City Commuter is designed for those traveling a short distance to and from work and is equipped with an easy-to-install, 36-volt rechargeable battery that allows you to ride up to 20 miles per day without pedaling. It takes about six to eight hours to recharge. The bike is designed to fold easily to fit into the trunk of any sport utility vehicle or van and weighs about 71 pounds.

For riders who wish to integrate comfort and leisure with style and functionality, Santa Barbara Electric offers the Specialty option. These bikes bring back classic designs, but with the added benefit of electrical power. Each option is offered in three modes: exercise, power-on-demand and power/pedal assist. The exercise mode pedals like a normal bike, allowing its rider to get the most exercise as possible while the power-on-demand mode allows the rider to sit back and relax, as the bike does all the work. The power/pedal assist mode combines the first two modes, using the battery power to maximize the power of the pedal, allowing the rider to travel faster and farther than normal.

Santa Barbara Electric Bicycle Company is located at 630 Anacapa Street. For more information call 805-275-2335 or visit

Rosie Lee Imports: ‘A Touch of Home’

Having grown up in Shropshire, England and relocated to the United States, Susan Malloy understands the importance of connecting with her homeland. Her shop, Rosie Lee Imports, seeks to do just that.

Nestled in downtown Ventura, Rosie Lee Imports serves as a food and gift shop that offers British imports. It has a wide selection of English products that are difficult to find elsewhere, including teas, foods and various gift items that line the shop’s walls.

Ranging from Irish pudding and soda bread to Caribbean biscuits, products offered come from England, New Zealand, South Africa, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Australia and islands of the Caribbean.

“We offer food and brands that are specific to certain cultures,” says Susan Malloy, the store’s owner. “Coming into our store is like traveling back to England. People come here not just for the food, but also because the store has a touch of home for them.”

Rosie Lee Imports is located at 673 East Main Street, in Ventura. For more information call 805-643-5832.