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Watching Reid and Pelosi Closely

I am sure that David Bostick, who wrote a letter challenging Tom DeLay's ethics (montecitojournal.net/archive/13/15/916/), is intellectually honest. So I am sure he is equally or more outraged by the following.

Mr. Bostick states that after DeLay was indicted (by a rogue Democrat prosecutor who uses Texas taxpayer money to go after Republicans) he changed the rule that Republican committee chairman must give up their chairmanships should they be indicted. True. But the Democrats have no such rule – if you are a Democrat committee chairman and are indicted, you stay – they have no problem with indicted chairmen. So all DeLay did is change the rule so it matches the Democrats; if he is immoral, so are the Democrats.

Let's look at the Democrat leaders. If you want to get anything done in Nevada with the federal government, everyone in that state knows you have to grease the palms of a lobbying firm owned by Senator Harry Reid's two sons. Mr. Bostick mentioned DeLay and disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff. Well, Abramoff and Reid are joined at the hip; Reid wrote many letters on behalf of Abramoff's Indian clients and received tens of thousands of dollars from Abramoff-controlled accounts. The Senator also made a profit of $1.1 million on a land deal, but the kicker is he made that money three years after he sold that piece of property – how did he do that?

Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, who during the 2006 campaign vowed to clean up the corruption of money in Washington, is raising far more money from lobbyists than the Republicans ever did; in the most-recent reporting period they took in $32 million, Republicans $22 million, helped along by her recent $10,000-a-person dinner, and in 2003 she was fined $21,000 for violating campaign financing laws for going over campaign limits. This pro-union leader owns hotels and vineyards in California that – surprise, surprise – are not unionized and while she criticizes Bush's attempt at Social Security reform, at least he is trying. She insists on keeping it the way it is even though she and the other members of Congress, who work for us, are not even in the Social Security system – their version of Social Security pays them much more than ours does.

This is the tip of the iceberg and, since Mr. Bostick is outraged, and rightly so, about unethical public servants we place our trust in, I trust he will be watching Reid and Pelosi very closely.

Ken Convoy


Santa Barbara

(Publisher’s note: Just to keep the record straight: when the Republicans took over in 1994, one of their first moves was in fact to change House operating procedures that required a committee chairman to step down if indicted. When the Democrats were in charge, no such mandate was in place. DeLay attempted to change the rule before he was indicted, but was voted down. – TLB)

Marvelous May Madness Coverage

Thank you for your outstanding coverage of the 32nd Annual May Madness Sale (montecitojournal.net/archive/13/17/979/), which will be held at the Music Academy of the West on Saturday, May 5, beginning at 9 am sharp. The entire campus will be transformed and filled with treasures and collectibles from the community and around the world. The Women’s Auxiliary, along with community volunteers, worked long and hard during the weeks and days before, and this Saturday’s event promises to be unsurpassed. The Auxiliary is dedicated to the mission of raising money to provide full scholarships for some of the world's best and brightest young musicians and this is our major fundraiser. Again, thank you for your support in spreading the word throughout the community.


Kathleen Bielen

(Publisher’s Note: Gee Thanks! The May Madness Sale is fun for everyone and we encourage everyone to attend. – TLB)