Meet Ogden

Born August 30, 2006, Ogden is one of eight siblings! This 8-month-old male neutered rabbit was hand-raised by Lesley Fagan, a volunteer at Bunnies Urgently Needing Shelter (BUNS) in Santa Barbara. “Ogden is incredibly sweet and very people-oriented,” Lesley says.

If one rabbit isn't enough for you, two of Ogden's brothers, Digby and Emmit, are also available for adoption. In fact, Ogden would prefer living in a home with other rabbits to keep him company.

If you are interested in meeting Ogden, please call BUNS at 683-0521 or stop by the Santa Barbara County Animal Shelter at 5473 Overpass Road, off Patterson Avenue.

To view pictures of other adoptable cats, dogs, and rabbits, please visit

Volunteer Opportunities

If you are interested in volunteering for BUNS, there are many different ways: Your work at the shelter may include activities like changing the bunnies’ water, providing pellets, washing and distributing vegetables, helping with grooming, putting bunnies out to exercise and cleaning litter pans, trays and cages. The shelter is a fun place to volunteer, with ample opportunity to meet and work with other bunny lovers.

You can also volunteer to be a foster parent, which entails caring for a bunny in your own home. Bunnies may be placed in foster care for a variety of reasons such as overcrowding at the shelter, the need for medical care, or for some one-on-one attention to help a bunny with behavioral training. All foster “parents” are provided with a cage, pellets and plenty of hay. In addition, all medical care for the bunny is paid by the organization. The folks at BUNS believe that all bunnies should be given every possibility to find a warm and caring home on a permanent basis.

If working at the shelter or being a foster parent isn't your cup of tea, BUNS has many other volunteer opportunities available. You can provide transportation for rabbits to and from the veterinary clinic or assist with outreach projects, such as the Basic Bunny classes and Santa Barbara Farmers Market. If you're a budding photographer and own a digital camera, BUNS has an immediate need for someone to take pictures of adoptable rabbits for the organization's website,

Call 683-0521 for more information on volunteering.