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Also Inside This Issue

Tim says government should be held responsible for tribal expansion

Letters to the Editor
More on Affordable Housing; compassionate conservatives; Tom DeLay’s fall from grace

Ward Connerly
“Crossing the line” is the job of radio shock jocks, says Ward, a reason why Don Imus’s remark should be viewed in proper context

Community Calendar
Montecito 16-year-old makes jewelry show debut; live jazz at Peabody’s; ranking State department official to speak for Channel City Club; more

The Association Agenda
Bill Palladini on his organization’s steps to reshape its land use function and be more useful to decision makers – and the public

Sheriff’s Blotter
Minor drug busts in Montecito, Summerland and Carpinteria

Ernie’s World
Mr. Witham advises all readers to wear a hardhat and wash their hands before reading this column

Adopt a Pet
Little Ogden, an 8-month-old neutered male rabbit, is available for adoption through BUNS

Our Town
Hope Ranch Republican Women’s Club scholarships; mixing with Maggie Mixsell

Mark Your Calendar
Girls Inc. hosts 22nd annual luncheon with Deputy Secretary of the Interior Lynn Scarlett as keynote speaker

In the Classroom
Montecito’s ultimate green institution, Crane School, keeps getting greener and greener by the minute

Your Estate
Once you factor in investments in research and development and education, America’s economic outlook is a lot rosier, says Gary Bartick

Events Calendar
Ansel Adams art at the Art Museum; “Hamlet” at the Rubicon; Russian pianist Daria Rabotkina; author Marisha Pessl discusses her bestseller; more

On Stage
Edward Albee’s “Seascape” enjoys resurrection via confines of Santa Barbara City College

On the Beat
David Wilcox has an open-ended approach to music – his tours have no travel plans and his shows have no set list

Book Talk
Shelly Lowenkopf on that literary masterpiece and international catchphrase, “Catch-22”

Classified Advertising

May Madness 2007

Vol. 13 Issue 17

The 2007 May Madness Sale

In its 31 previous years, the May Madness sale, hosted by the Music Academy of the West, has held a special place for the sophisticated collector, the bargain seeker or even the desperate donator. Estelle Ritter, who was the sale’s chair for 12 years during its formative years, recalled the owner of a 98-foot yacht tried to donate his boat to the sale after he had been denied a tax write-off.

Local News

Water Program Offers Huge Rebates

Montecito Water District conservation program; interview with Miramar Hotel operator

As Santa Barbara county wrestles with what has so far been the fifth driest year in the history of annual rainfall calculations, water conservation advocates are making strong pushes to assist water purveyors in using water more efficiently and reduce monthly costs. ...

Coming & Going

Montecito Kids to Show Art at the Louvre

Two Montecito Union siblings to display their work at the Louvre (yeah, that one); All Saints by-the-Sea fundraiser; lots more

Montecito brother and sister Gabriel and Colette Speer are among eight other children who have been chosen to exhibit their paintings at the Louvre Museum, in Paris. Gabriel, 9, and Colette, both students at Montecito Union will show their art for a four-day period in May. ...

Scene Around Town

The Havana of the ‘40s, and of Today

A kickoff cocktail party was held high on a hill above the San Ysidro Ranch at the dream home of Teran and Michael Davis. The get-together was meant to herald the “Havana of the ‘40s” fundraising gala on October 20, where Pat Nesbitt’s polo estate will be turned into a...

Real Estate View

A Choice Slice Of Carpinteria

Six homes, each distinguished and diverse, make up the roster for Carpinteria’s Tenth Annual Home & Garden Tour

Carpinteria’s Tenth Annual Home & Garden Tour (the theme is “A Slice of Carpinteria”) takes place this Saturday, from 11 am to 5 pm and features six distinguished and diverse homes representative of the distinguished and diverse city of Carpinteria. ...

Weekend Getaway

Quiet Elegance in the Las Vegas Frenzy

Four Seasons Las Vegas, a quiet retreat from the bustling strip

The sometime slow, even snail-like pace of Montecito often inspires the urge to get away to a more vibrant, quicker, livelier setting like, for example, Las Vegas, a relatively short five-to-six-hour drive through rolling hills, red rock and scrub-filled desert. ...

The Montecito Chef of the Month

Living La Vida Sabrosa (the Delicious Life)

Teresa Gama emigrated from Mexico when she was 18 and brought with her many authentic recipes

Teresa Gama was born and raised in Jalisco, Mexico, a town that offered its residents few of the conveniences of the 20th century. She was raised on a farm that included a wide array of vegetables and fruits and many livestock. ...