Flavorful Furnishings

“Do what you love,” says Andrea Fonseca, founder of Brazil Baroque. For the past five years Fonseca has been doing just that. Creating a new business with roots in Brazil, Fonseca has expanded Brazil Baroque to include more than 1,500 pieces. Brazil Baroque provides hand-crafted furnishings and accessories straight from Brazil. The majority of the wood used comes from abandoned farms and haciendas throughout Brazil’s countryside. Whether it is antique wood, hand-painted artifacts, hand-forged iron or hand-tooled leather, every piece seeks to capture the history and romance of Brazilian culture, says Fonseca.

Relying solely on reclaimed and recycled hardwoods, Fonseca says Brazil Baroque is committed to providing an eco-conscious service. The store’s mission states: “We are committed to preserving Brazil's rainforests by using only reclaimed hardwoods for our wood products and will continue to strive to use manufacturing techniques that cause little or no harm to the environment while still producing the highest quality furniture and accessories.”

“We employ about three hundred artisans and craftsmen down in Brazil,” says Terry Bickmore, vice president of marketing. “We are giving them the opportunity to do what they love and pass it on to future generations.”

Brazil Baroque recently opened a new showroom at the Las Vegas World Market Center and is looking forward for further expansion in the United States, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Its flagship store is located at 436 East Gutierrez Street. For more information call 962-8868 or 866-622-3876 or visit www.brazilbaroque.com.

Plugging into PR

Sarah Clark wanted to offer local businesses the same quality “PR” services that larger firms offer their clients. In the spring of 2005, Clark made it happen with the birth of PlugCo, a public relations firm that serves both small and large local businesses by building their brand, shaping their image and getting them media recognition.

“Our services include personal relations, marketing and local events through the use of print, web and television,” Clark says. “What’s unique about us is that we come up with very creative solutions to get press for our clients.”

Recently, PlugCo hired a celebrity stylist to work with them, helping a client receive mention in The New York Times.

Despite the smallness of the company, PlugCo offers local and national press. In the past, it has worked with businesses such as Old Guys Rule, Wendy Foster, revolveclothing.com and has marketed for many night events at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, including the summer sensation NIGHTS.

“We are always looking for new clients who want to get their name out there in local or national press,” Clark says. “So far, it’s been a forward movement and we want to keep going forward. We want to continue to support the local community of Santa Barbara.”

PlugCo is located at 924 Anacapa Street. For more information call 966-2707 or visit www.plugco.com.