Andy Cirincione – Mr. Blenders

If you don't know his name, chances are your kids do. Andy Cirincione is a supervisor at Blenders in the Grass, on Coast Village Road. He is easy to spot unless you happen to be at Blenders after school and the line of kids (both in and out of uniforms) is literally out the door.

Andy has been making healthy concoctions at Blenders for about four years. Prior to Montecito, he worked at the Goleta Marketplace Blenders. In an eight-hour shift, he makes about 200 smoothies.

Andy moved to Santa Barbara originally to take classes at Santa Barbara City College. He was born and raised in Santa Ynez, where he graduated high school. He is one of four kids in his family and was in the Boy Scouts (Troop 42) throughout his childhood. Each summer, he hikes with the Boy Scouts for two weeks in the Sierra Nevada mountains, a 60-mile trek with altitude changes.

When Andy is not blending, he enjoys going to the movies (he admits to being a movie buff). He also enjoys his co-workers and says they are all friends and hang out together on their days off. One day Andy would like to travel to Sicily, where the Cirincione family began. His grandparents were born in Sicily and came to New York by boat. Andy also hopes to inherit his family's spatina recipe. His grandmother passed it down to his father, who currently guards it with top secret attention.

A few snapshot questions for Andy:

Q. One thing people would be surprised to know about you?

A. Hiked to the top of Mount Whitney and spent the night on top (elevation 14,505 feet).

All time favorite movie?

“Space Balls,” because it makes me laugh.

Favorite part of Montecito?

People are really nice.

What is Montecito's most requested smoothie?

Peanut butter with chocolate.

Weirdest smoothie combo requested?

Soy milk, dates, peanut butter, strawberries and peaches.

Ever make smoothies for Montecito’s pampered pooches?

Yes, wheat grass shots.

What is your greatest fear?

Public speaking.

If you were to die and be reincarnated in Montecito, who or what would you come back as?

An old tree on a cliff overlooking the ocean.