Stolen Tools Worth Excess of $1,000

Friday, March 30 – More than $1,000 of equipment was stolen from a construction site on Torro Canyon Road in Summerland. Among the missing items: impact gun ($200), sub-pump ($350), wheelbarrow ($50), stud gun ($225), impact driver ($189) and right-angle drill ($1,200).

A 51-year-old man representing the company said storage containers and a trailer door were pried open, and equipment was stolen from one of the containers.

Store Owner Suspects Clients of Burglary

Monday, March 26 – A 60-year-old female antique shop owner in Summerland reported she was the victim of burglary at Lillie Avenue business.

The owner said she had noticed two men enter her store a day before the incident. One suspect, she reported, asked for assistance while another one scanned the store. The next day, while assisting the first suspect in making a purchase, the other suspect left the store. The first suspect said he would be back with a credit card to pay for an antique and the two men left in a car, the store owner said.

After the men left, the woman said an antique item with a retail price of $11,000 and a selling price of $9,000 was missing from the store after the men left.

Owner Cited After Dog Bites Stranger

Saturday, April 7 – A 43-year-old man was cited for violating a leash law after his dog bit a 35-year-old man from Ventura at Lookout Park, in Summerland.

The victim said the white pit bull lunged out of an open van and attacked him and drove him to the ground. He said the dog bit his arm while he was protecting his face with his hands.

The owner said he let the dog out when he was putting his chickens and roosters, which had been grazing in the area, back into the van.