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Also Inside This Issue

Caruso’s plans for the Miramar move forward; MUS Carnival

Letters to the Editor
MERRAG needs you; rightwing retreat; tax cuts for the rich

Ward Connerly
Elizabeth Edwards and Tony Snow, says Ward, are living and breathing examples of courageous resolve against cancer

Community Calendar
Live music every weekend at Peabody’s and Fess Parker’s DoubleTree; gallery listings; piano masters at Music Academy; lots more

The Montecito Memo
The County’s entreaties to improve the culture of service are good signs of government in reform, says Michael Jaffe

Sheriff’s Blotter
Stolen construction stools; suspects named in Summerland store burglary; dog owner cited after biting

Coup de Grace
Madame Rachow on burning rubber (and calories) on her bicycle ride headed for… anywhere?

The Way it Was
Hattie Beresford on two men from worlds apart who joined botanic forces and influenced Montecito landscapes

Local Snapshot
Andy Cirincione, movie buff, hiker and concocter of smoothies for humans and wheat grass shots for pooches

Scene Around Town
Opening reception for travel photographer Mark Edward Harris at East/West Gallery; Wild Orchids in the Flesh

Parents’ Night Out
Non-Profit brings in $100,000 at Montecito fundraiser hosted by DoubleClick founder Kevin O’Connor

Estate Planning
If longevity is a race, women are the winners, says Mitchell Kauffman, which means they face extra important financial questions

In Business
Brazil Baroque and its eco-conscious service; PlugCo, the burgeoning PR company, on creating a buzz and getting noticed

Real Estate View
Mark Schneidman on the increases in housing inventory and misleading facts about the rise in foreclosures

Events Calendar
Jamie Foxx at the Chumash; Sings Like Hell’s 21st season gets underway; “100 Years of Broadway” at the Arlington

Book Talk
Shelly Lowenkopf on “Grotesque,” Natsuo Kirino’s “mystery of culture, of beauty, of simmering resentment” and more

Focus on Film
If you liked “Hannibal” but didn’t like all the cannibalism, then “Fracture” is the movie for you, says Libowitz

World of Wine
A full “taste” of the wine lifestyle at Roblar; bang-for-your-buck wines; and a tribute to the other bubbly

Classified Advertising

Cinderella Story

Vol. 13 Issue 16

The Three Kings

Ryan Cronin-Prather’s freshman and sophomore seasons on the Westmont College men’s club polo team witnessed two appearances in the U.S. Polo Association National Intercollegiate Championship, the collegiate level’s marquee event. In back-to-back years, Cronin-Prather and two teammates squared off against and, in many cases, overcame the nation’s elite, from the vaunted Cavaliers of the University of Virginia to the titans of Texas A&M. Cronin-Prather’s third season, however, would be spent in idled anticipation, as Westmont failed to recruit enough players to field a three-man team.

The Sportsman

The 12th Annual Trout Derby

This weekend, Lake Cachuma will host the Trout Derby, a contest where about 300 fish will be tagged and released into the lake. On April 21 and 22, numerous prizes will be awarded to individuals who catch fish with the highest three numbers on their tag. Prizes will also be...

Coming & Going

Election 2008 and the Montecito Nexus

What the Who’s Who of Montecito are doing about Election 2008; Lucky’s Steakhouse’s big addition to its menu; more

The who’s who of Montecito is divided about whom they are supporting in the 2008 election. Oprah Winfrey has publicly declared her support for Barack Obama and has had him as a guest on her show. ...

Local People

Black Belt Theater

David Schaeman recently played the lead in Montecito Union School’s production of “High School Musical.” Most kids might be self-conscious about what their friends think when they are up on stage acting, singing and dancing, but David isn’t nervous at all. That might be because David, who is 10 years...

Summerland Beautiful

Celebrating Summerland

It’s a small “town” (actually, Summerland, along with Montecito, is part of the greater unincorporated area of Santa Barbara County) of some 400 homes and perhaps a thousand residents stepped up from the ocean across Highway 101 that hugs the hillside on streets sounding vaguely San Francisco familiar: Golden Gate,...

On the Beat

Ladies and Gentlemen… The Beatles

Ladies and Gentleman… The Beatles; but this time the Fab Four like you’ve never heard them – in classical

It’s safe to say that the Beatles’s songs have been played more frequently by more people and heard by more audiences than any other music in the land. ...