Petty Theft in Montecito Parking Lot

Monday, March 26 – An unknown suspect committed petty theft in a parking lot at Eucalyptus and Edgecliff lanes.

The victim, a 36-year-old man, told Deputy Van Winkle someone stole his keyless remote and satellite radio from his unlocked car. Items from the glove box, which were thrown out near the passenger side door, include a CD with a partial print. The print was sent to forensics for processing.

Grand Theft on Channel Drive

Wednesday, March 28 – An unknown suspect committed grand theft at a construction site on Channel Drive.

The 32-year-old man representing the construction company told Deputy Van Winkle that copper cable, known as SO cord, which provided electrical power to three portable office buildings, had been cut and removed from the scene. The 500 feet of cord cost an estimated $600, the company representative said.

Nursery Shop Burglarized, Again

Friday, March 30 – Gazebo Plants & Flowers, the nursery owned for 35 years by Mike Flaherty, was vandalized and burglarized less than two weeks ago for the second time in the last year. In a brazen act that had Flaherty rushing to secure his financial accounts, burglars came away with four credit cards, an investment document, checks and about $15 in coins.

Following the break-in, Flaherty said he immediately canceled 20 personal accounts, including charge cards, checking, savings and stocks accounts. He said he’s fearful of possible identity theft as the perpetrators most likely also came away with knowledge of his Social Security number.

Deputies said they found pry marks on the back door of the plant and flower shop. A surveillance videotape shows a silver or champagne color truck with an illegible license and a single male adult entering the business.

Most of the video footage, though, was lost, Flaherty said, as the burglars disabled the security camera with laser technology, a sign that the job had been performed by professionals.

Last year, burglars broke into the nursery in a more amateur performance where suspects shattered the front glass door and fled with about $15 in coins.

– Guillaume Doane