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Letters to the Editor
Raising money for an ailing friend; the lion’s den; kudos Hattie Beresford

Community Calendar
Live music at Peabody’s; art galleries listings; community meetings; daily tide chart

Sheriff’s Blotter
Petty thefts, grand thefts and the ones in between in this week’s report on Montecito mischief

Ernie’s World
Warning: Reading this column may cause mild brain irritation, involuntary convulsions and weird sensations between your toes

Adopt a Pet
Five-year-old Dachshund/Jack Russell Terrier mix Bernie has lost a few pounds and regained his health

Scene Around the World
Our international correspondent, Lynda Millner, finds herself in the fray and frenzy of Hanoi’s bustling streets

State Street Spin
Erin Graffy on the food, fashion and personalities of Marymount School’s Black and White Ball

Eye on Santa Barbara
John Watson on Santa Barbara High School, its prominent but not overpowering stature and its legacy

Events Calendar
UCSB screens “Volver”; Led Ka’apana and Mike Ka’awa at SOhO; Country singer Jo Dee Messina at the Chumash; lots more

On Stage
In its second year, Westmont College’s Fringe Festival goes for experimental rather repertory material

Trail Talk
Speakers at trail task force meeting address maintenance and management, but safety gets overlooked, again

South Coasting
Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic’s 12th annual Record-a-Thon puts together motley crew of local celebrities

Book Talk
Shelly Lowenkopf offers his latest on his Golden Oldie series, “The Horse’s Mouth” by Joyce Cary

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Local News

Vol. 13 Issue 15

Caruso Presents Preliminary Miramar Plans

In a broad-brush presentation that tapped into the audience’s collective nostalgic conscience, Los Angeles developer Rick Caruso on Tuesday unveiled another glimpse of his vision for the Miramar Hotel. Before an audience at El Montecito Church that numbered nearly 250, the new owner of the fabled Miramar property detailed his “blank slate” approach to a renovation he said would advance rapidly through the entitlement process and would lead to a hotel reopening in two years.

Mark Your Calendar


Preview of Montecito Union Carnival, the school’s bedrock fundraiser

The intensive and, sometimes, obsessive involvement Montecito parents have in their children’s school lives has been well catalogued. The surprising part is how they seem to top each other’s effort from year to year. ...

Coming & Going

CASA at the Club

Maria Long, Executive Director of CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates), snagged Captain Fred Benko, who owns and operates Santa Barbara’s premier whale-watching concern – the Condor Express – as a member of her board of directors after he attended last year’s CASA at the Coral [Casino] fundraiser that featured the...

Your Estate

Surprising Inflation

The pain of high gas prices might still be fresh in your memory, but did you know that inflation was lower in 2006 than the previous year? For the 12 months ending in December 2006, inflation rose a mere 2.54%, almost one percentage point lower than 2005's reading and well...

Wealth Strategies

Asset Protection – What Does That Mean and How Has It Changed?

What does the term “asset protection” mean? Most people think of asset protection as a shield from death taxes, income taxes, lawsuits and divorce actions. Historically, the technique most commonly used to protect one’s assets has been to transfer money to offshore legal structures in jurisdictions such as the Caribbean...

World of Wine

Back to the Futures

How do you learn more about wine? By drinking it, comparing it, talking to the winemakers and vineyard owners. My venue for extending my knowledge was the Wine Cask Wine Futures tasting where you can compare and contrast about 100 wines from similar and different grape varietals, winemaking styles, terroirs...