A Miramar Reminder

Caruso Affiliated invites anyone and everyone to join them and the Montecito Association when they present preliminary designs of the Miramar Hotel rebuild. Due to the over-capacity demands of the last Caruso get-together, held at Montecito Hall, the event will take place next door in a larger space at El Montecito Presbyterian Church beginning at 7 pm on Tuesday, April 10. The church is located at 1455 East Valley Road and there is a large parking lot available, as well as additional parking behind the library and in Montecito Village Shopping Center.

American Charter High School

The American Charter High School, the new charter school that hopes to reintroduce the trades back into the curriculum, is coming close to a vote. On Tuesday, April 10, beginning at the same time as Mr. Caruso’s presentation (see previous paragraph), the Santa Barbara School Board will meet to either grant or deny the school’s charter. The vote comes at a crucial time because if the school isn’t open by September proponents will lose $360,000 of its $405,000 grant.

The charter school is an idea first proposed by Santa Barbara School Board Trustee Dr. Bob Noel and is supported by an influential group that includes Santa Barbara City Mayor Marty Blum, City Councilman Das Williams, County Sheriff Bill Brown specific to the public safety component, co-founder of the UCSB Gevirtz Graduate School of Education Marilyn Gevirtz, and First District Supervisor Salud Carbajal. We too support their and Bob Noel’s efforts to create a school that focuses more on technical skills rather than academic skills. This is probably more important than the Miramar project, at least at this stage, so we urge you to find your way to the Board Room at 720 Santa Barbara Street; the meeting begins at 7 pm.

Montecito Union School Carnival

The eagerly awaited and always fun MUS carnival takes place Saturday April 21, from 10 am to 3 pm. The Carnival is the PTA’s biggest annual fundraiser and in the past has funded the fifth-graders’ yearly trip to Washington D.C. and the sixth-grade’s class Outward Bound experience. Money raised at the carnival has purchased new Macs for every classroom and established two state-of-the-art computer labs. Next time you are at Vons or the upper village, look for youngsters selling raffle tickets, and buy a handful!

For more information call Marni at 252-7988

The Two-Mile High Wedding Club

My longtime friend, Montecito-born Christopher Dabney recently married Santa Barbara native Jenny Daniel.

Chris, a Montecito Union School alum, first met Jenny, an event planner, at a party she arranged for his sister’s goddaughter. Chris, a year prior, had moved to New Mexico to enroll in a solar energy program. The couple moved to Farmington, New Mexico so Chris could finish his studies.

Jenny and Chris, both outdoor fanatics, hiked to the top of Lilly Mountain Peak in the Rocky Mountain National Forest on March 30, 2007, said their vows, and married themselves at 11,000 feet. The only two witnesses to this event were their dogs, Meka and Roxy.

As for the future, the two plan to head to Boulder, Colorado where Chris is interviewing with solar energy installment companies and Jenny hopes to get back into the event planning business.