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Also Inside This Issue

Tim on what’s happening in Montecito; wishes Chris and Jenny well

Letters to the Editor
Listen to your parents, teach your children; making affordable housing affordable

Purely Political
A Berkeley professor and a conservative pundit use their childhood backgrounds to argue whether affirmative action is good for America

Community Calendar
Art gallery listings; public and private meetings; fundraisers; concerts and performances; Montecito’s daily ebbs and flows

Local News
Westmont neighbors slap County with lawsuit; Planning Commission reveals ideological divide; much more

n.o.t.e.s from downtown
Losing weight has big benefits, says Jim Alexander, unless you incorporate TootriSystem into your daily diet

Scene Around the World
Lynda Millner travels by boat to the end of the world in the chilliest (and coolest) parts of Chile

In Business
Spirit’s Path shutters its doors, heralds opening of Bungalow Gift and Home; Make it Work teams with Verizon

Events Calendar
“Two Santa Barbarians Paint Santa Barbara”; The Killers come to UCSB’s Hub; Extravaganza Easter Egg Hunt; much more

On Stage
Don’t worry, “Nipples to the Wind” isn’t about women’s parts; it’s a play-off of an old Southern expression

On the Beat
Interview with Ensemble Theatre artistic director emeritus Robert Grande-Weiss about upcoming production of “The Violet Hour”

Trail Talk
Lynn Kirst on the Humane Society of the United States, crackdowns on animal fighting and humane efforts of a civilized society

Book Talk
John Banville is busting at the seams with literary talent, perhaps too much so, says Shelly Lowenkopf

World of Wine
Vintners and wine experts say Pinot Noir is like a black dress; it works for just about any occasion

Classified Advertising


Vol. 13 Issue 14

A Soiree in Summerland

It really is ‘The Little School That Could’: Summerland School is a K through 6 elementary school that is made up of four temporary portable classrooms on a half-acre site that successfully teaches up to 90 children (this year’s attendance: 83) every year and regularly appears in the list of the top four schools in Santa Barbara County, along with Cold Spring, Montecito Union, and Monte Vista.

The Third Age

The Dime

We’ve been having groups at the Third Age Foundation for several years now and a mystery arose in one. We have often discussed spiritual matters and a woman named Susan would tell how coins had become a guide for her. For example, when she would confront the unrealistic worries we...

Santa Barbara Retreat

Honors For Andy

The David Horowitz Freedom Center along with primary motivator and backer Mary Belle Snow kicked off the first annual Santa Barbara Retreat by honoring Andy Granatelli on Friday night, March 30, at a sit-down dinner at Four Seasons Biltmore. ...

The Way it Was

Cold Spring Cañon

Hattie Beresford on Cold Spring Cañon and the severe risks people made to supply Santa Barbara with water

“Stop! There’s something in there,” said Pam as I was scrambling up the shale slope toward Barker Tunnel. “I hear something,” she added. ...

Real Estate View

Musing Over Back in the Day, and Today

Last week, we celebrated the 140th anniversary of the real estate transaction that was widely ridiculed as “Seward’s Folly.” On March 30, 1867, U.S. Secretary of State William H. Seward reached an agreement with Russia to purchase the territory of Alaska for $7.2 million. This made think: What could $7.2...