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Also Inside This Issue

Community Calendar
Live music at Tsunami; art gallery listings; Montecito Association meeting; Hollywood director and writer to appear at Westmont; daily Tide Chart; much more

Ernie’s World
Ernie Witham on why the soybean is wrong to try to make it on its own and should team up with other beans

Adopt a Pet
Three-year-old Harmony is friendly, affectionate and mellow. For any cat lover, that’s music to your ears.

Fashionista Susan Pitcher previews her runway film, “Cinema A La Mode 07,” at her Coast Village boutique

Book Talk
Shelly Lowenkopf on coming of age, “Lord of the Flies” and its rebuttal, “Bless the Beasts and Children”

Our Town
Karen Regan, Our Lady of Mount Carmel School’s principal, had not one, but two babies

Eye on Santa Barbara
A watercolor look at California’s oldest continuously operating theatre, the Lobero Theatre

Events Calendar
Local premiere of “Open Window”; annual Fur Ball; State Street Ballet does “Snow White”; Glen Phillips, Jesse Rhodes unite at SOhO

On Stage
If you think Woody Allen was too much of a Jewish apologist, then maybe you’ll love “JEWMONGOUS”

On the Beat
In Loose Affiliated Artists’ “Tape,” anything you say can and will be used against you

Classified Advertising

News Alert

Vol. 13 Issue 13

Westmont Neighbors File Suit Against County

Citizens Concerned Over Westmont Expansion, the coalition of Montecito residents that has led a vigorous opposition against Westmont College’s development plans, filed a lawsuit yesterday asserting that the County was wrong in approving more than 370,000 square feet of construction.

Coming & Going

Politics As Party

The Montecito home of Lee & Lori Mikles was the site for what is likely to become a familiar scene over the next year and a half: political candidates – announced and otherwise – raising money. There is plenty of money in Montecito, and anyone who believes there is little...

Local News

Siemens Gets OK on Sub-acre Parcel

In the latest and perhaps final chapter of a storied case that goes back about a decade, the Montecito Planning Commission last Wednesday gave developer Wayne Siemens permission to build a home on a less-than-one-acre Park Lane West property. With the 3-1 approval, the commission removed a more than 40-year-old...

Scene Around Town

Celebrity Authors’ Luncheon

“Because of you, CALM helps children blossom and grow.” Those words were on flower seed packets scattered around the floral centerpieces at the 21st annual Celebrity Authors’ Luncheon given by CALM Auxiliary (Child Abuse Listening and Mediation) at Fess Parker’s DoubleTree Resort. Talk about “doing lunch” – this is...

Your Estate

Case for the Falling Dollar

If I had to pick an investor concern du jour, it would be the hand-wringing over the falling dollar. To hear some talk, “to catch a falling dollar” is more like playing catch the falling knife. Others see it with a little less fear, something along the line of the...

The Montecito Chef of the Month

Coup de Greece

Science will back us up on this: Alexandra Scarvelis has Greek cooking tradition genetically encoded in her double helix

Alexandra Scarvelis offers the epitome of Greek hospitality. Upon entering her charming home, one is drawn instantly into a true sensory experience: a blending of sights, style and aromas – the tastes soon follow. This woman has style. ...