Cold Spring Trailhead Theft

Monday, March 5 – A 59-year-old man claims he was robbed of more than $500 from his vehicle while it was parked at the Cold Springs Trailhead.

After returning to his vehicle, which had been parked for five hours, the man said he noticed some property missing from the unlocked car.

Among the missing items were a flashlight, two pairs of prescription sunglasses ($500), a garage door remote, the victim’s DMV vehicle registration and one pair of PowerFlex gloves.

Pacifica Manager Reports Grand Theft

Wednesday, March 7 – A 49-year-old male facilities manager at Pacifica Graduate Institute reported a grand theft at the Carpinteria campus nearly three months after the incident took place.

The manager told Deputy Baisa an unknown suspect had taken a laptop valued at $1,200 from a room at the institute on Ladera Lane.

Supervisor Reports Theft of Construction Items

Wednesday, March 7 – A supervisor at a Channel Drive construction site reported a grand theft that took place in the Four Seasons Biltmore Hotel parking lot.

The 32-year-old man told Deputy Baisa two 1,000-foot spools of PVC coated “MC” cable had been stolen. The man said each spool costs around $1,000 each.

No discernable tire marks or other identifying features were found at the scene.