Black-out Auto Break-in in Summerland

Monday, February 19 – A 33-year-old transient man was arrested for attempted burglary on Lillie Avenue in Summerland.

Deputy Lampe said he noticed the man standing in a gas mart parking lot holding a white wooden fence post. A few minutes later, the deputy reported he heard loud noises and observed the man, still holding the fence post, standing between a fence and a red Volkswagen Beetle.

The deputy said he saw white scuff marks on the driver’s side window of the Volkswagen, an indication the man had tried to break into the vehicle using the post.

The suspect said he was “a drunk homeless guy” who had just been beaten up by “rich white guys.” The man also said he was an alcoholic who had no recollection of his attempted burglary of the vehicle because he “blacked out.”

Canadian Suspect Accused of Vexing Phone Calls

Friday, February 23 – A 90-year-old woman said she was the victim of annoying phone calls to her Hot Springs Road home.

The woman’s 59-year-old female caregiver told Deputy Watkins the resident began receiving phone calls from an unknown male subject asking her to write him $2,800. After the initial call, the subject began calling almost every day, asking to be wired the money.

The caregiver said she listened in on the conversation and the male identified himself by name and said he was from Quebec, Canada.

Victim: I Was Punched in the Face 10 Times

Sunday, February 25 – A 33-year-old man was the victim of battery on Channel Drive.

The victim told Deputy DeOrnellas he and his 28-year-old friend were sitting in the woman’s parked car when the suspect, the woman’s 26-year-old brother, and an unknown woman pulled up next to the car.

The suspect reportedly exited the grey Dodge Magnum and punched the victim approximately 10 times in the face. The suspect then took the man out of the car through the window and began punching him in the street, eventually stopping to say “I’m going to get my gun.”

Upon hearing this, the victim said he got into his friend’s car and the two drove away.

The suspect’s sister said she does not know why her brother would want to beat up her friend.

Elderly Woman Suffers Broken Hip in Scuffle

Friday, March 2 – A 61-year-old woman was arrested for causing serious bodily injury to her 91-year-old mother-in-law at the victim’s Danielson Road home.

Deputy Baisa said he found the elderly woman lying on her back near the front door of the residence.

The victim’s 36-year-old daughter said she overheard the suspect and the victim arguing about the suspect’s missing possessions. The suspect reportedly said, “I hate you…I hate you for what you are doing.”

The victim later told Senior Deputy Neel the suspect had pushed her against the wall of the front of her house before searching through the victim’s car for her supposedly missing possessions.

The victim was treated for a broken hip at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital.