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Also Inside This Issue

Tim says Bob Noel’s Charter School is a benefit to Santa Barbara and education

Letters to the Editor
Another Miramar memory; Safer roads; Off-topic issues

The Montecito Memo
New MJ columnist Michael Jaffe says a County planning review panel is what Montecito needs

Community Calendar
Objects trunk show; Freedom Center Retreat; Tide chart; more

Sheriff’s Blotter
Assault, abuse, public drunkenness and strange phone calls – all the mischievous makings of crime in Montecito

Meet Bill Palladini

Ernie’s World
Mr. Witham takes Bonsai trimming to a level few of us even want to know about

Adopt a Pet
Shepherd and Aussie mix Stubbs is well-versed in the doggie language of “Let’s Play!”

On Campus
Westmont College collaborates with iTunes on tool that has potential to revolutionize way students study

Eye on Santa Barbara
The News-Press building may be a George Washington Smith design, but the tower belongs to someone else

The Art Advisor
Surveying the ADAA and Armory Shows

State Street Spin
Howard School’s “Hula” fundraiser shows why it’s the littler school that could and does

The Sportsman
Don’t forget about Stearns Wharf, says John; it has lots to offer with little burden to your wallet

Events Calendar
An updated “The Diary of Anne Frank”; Alfred Brendel the accomplished pianist; Storybook version of “The Little Mermaid”; lots more

South Coasting
Santa Barbara Dance Alliance’s BASSH has a little something for every dance discipline

Garden Gossip
Preview of the Santa Barbara International Orchid show and its multifarious offerings

Trail Talk
Front Country Trails Task Force decision narrows on maintenance but overlooks safety aspects

World of Wine
Is Zinfandel California’s state wine? Dr. Judy Willis says there’s good reason to say yes

Classified Advertising

In the Driver's Seat

Vol. 13 Issue 11

Child Safety Goes Back on the Road

As recently as 15 years ago, biking to Montecito Union School was not only accepted as common practice, but it was largely encouraged by parents and administrators. Over time, however, this has changed, as the once mighty procession of kid bikers making the daily journey to and from school has been replaced by a cavalcade of cars that, on many afternoons, creates untenable traffic snarls on neighboring streets. Often, Montecito Union’s bike cage, with a capacity for about 40 bicycles, sits entirely barren.

Coming & Going

Montecito’s Hideaway

On weekends, Plow & Angel, the downstairs cave-like bistro-style no-reservation first-come-first-sit eatery that shares a chef and kitchen with San Ysidro Ranch’s Stone House Restaurant, its more formal upstairs neighbor, is chock-a-block with visitors and tourists luxuriating in the Ranch’s newly renovated splendor. But, tourism being what it is, the...

In Business

The Cool Way to Recycle

Between 1992 and 2006, the overall beverage container recycling rate dropped from 53% to 33%, according to the Container Recycling Institute, a nonprofit organization that promotes policies and programs that increase recovery and recycling of beverage containers. The institute’s website states various reasons for this change: growth in sales of...

Scene Around Town

A ‘Nunsense’ of Place

If any of you remember the Timbers Restaurant at the north end of town as old and tired, think again. The Arfaei family purchased it two years ago and have gutted the building and replaced virtually everything except the thick timber walls and massive fireplace. Do you remember where those...

Wealth Strategies

Taxing a Few Turned Into Taxing Many

Brad Stark on a tax that was meant to affect the wealthy but impacted so many more people

Earlier this year, a bipartisan group of senators introduced a bill that would eliminate the alternative minimum tax, or AMT, as of this year. ...

Book Talk

The Sea Cook: Fit of Pique, or Peak?

As with many revisitations to the past, my decision to review the subject of this week’s investigation seemed like a good idea – until Barnaby Conrad introduced a worm of doubt into the apple. “Are you sure you want to risk the time necessary to reread?” he said. “If this...