The Cold Spring School Science Fair

Parents and fellow students came in support of 69 Cold Spring School students who entered their work in the annual science fair on February 27 where every participant came away with a blue ribbon for their efforts.

In addition to single student experiments, there were three experiments done by individual classrooms in honor of the event. First grade students in Nicki Albair’s and Lisa Ishikawa’s classes did a schoolyard safari exposé where they identified animals that live on or near school grounds. They made a map of the school with an animal locator.

Laura Sickafoose’s kindergarten class monitored the feeding habits of schoolyard birds to document the most frequent time of day the birds eat. The students’ conclusion: Lunchtime!

Yann Ricard, a Cold Spring parent and past UCSB biologist with a specialty in ecological physiology, gave a presentation and performance art show on the properties of heat and cold on molecules. Students learned that when heat is applied to molecules, they expand. Using a glass milk bottle and a hard-boiled egg, Ricard showed that the egg would be sucked into the bottle if the bottle was heated. Within seconds, the peeled, hard-boiled egg swooped into the bottle. Assisting Ricard was fourth grade teacher Joel Orr and again serving as chair for the event was Kim Work, a Cold Spring School parent.