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Also Inside This Issue

Eye on Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara’s Mission earned title “Queen of the Missions,” and deservedly so

Letters to the Editor
Resolving trails differences “academically” versus “emotionally”; taking to task Ty Warner editorial; farewell to the Nugget

n.o.t.e.s from downtown
In his day, Jim Alexander was baseball’s boy of summer; they called him “Pudgy Rodriguez”

Adopt A Pet
Two kitties P.K. and Patchie are up for adoption, and they come in one cute package

Scene Around Town
Montessori School’s Enchanted Forest; Santa Anita Race track and Seabiscuit’s shrine; more

2006 May Madness Sale
Montecito’s biggest annual estate sale returns with treasure trove of items at killer prices

Book Talk
Comic commentary doesn’t begin or end with Art Buchwald, says Shelly; it passes like baton in relay races

Opinionated Traveler
Azerbaijan is as tough to traverse as it is to pronounce, but boy what a memorable ride

Purely Political
Director of research at Center for Immigration Studies calls unskilled immigration incompatible with modern American economy

News Feature
Former School Board member calls alleged Brown Act violations biggest issue in last 30 years

The Montecito Report
Sacramento continues to find ways to plant granny units in Montecito; pre-applications for Montecito Country Club renovation

Supine press versus U.S. senators; Panama’s tourism turnaround; Barbie torture; much more

Garden Gossip
Sea of colors at Botanical Garden shows what lots and lots of rain, and bit of sun, can do

Trail Talk
Commissioners and public agree on at least one thing: odd/even plan for bikers is unfeasible

What is "racism"
What is “racism”? Ward asks. Well, answer isn’t as clear-cut as it was 40 years ago.

Joanne Calitri opens docent mini-series; Cold Spring students visit DAWG headquarters

Local People
Breehan Yohe-Mellor on Crane’s wunderkind equestrian, surfer and musician Taryn Van Vliet

Your Estate
Gary Bartick says money market accounts have made worthwhile and noteworthy return

Montecito market stays steady; March sales up from 2005; first quarter keeps in pace with previous years

Real Estate Sales

First Quarter Round Up
South County real estate results

On the Beat
In “Starry Starry Night” Sally Barr may have mined into entirely new genre: Clazzical, Next fortnight is busy with buzz of pop music, from 16-year-old sensation Sonya Mitchell to proven masters like Ravi Shankar

‘Chiaroscuro: Music of the Heart’; 11th annual Record-a-Thon; Santa Barbara Fair & Expo

On Stage
Despite strident, ill-willed political times, The Capitol Steps wages on with light-hearted satire

31 West’s new chef Fermin Arias takes new culinary tact: keeping it simple

World of Wine
Santa Barbara county wine growers make room for Sangiovese grapes

Sheriff’s Blotter
Summerland stalker; Upper Village pump and run; Old Coast Highway boozing blues


Vol. 12 Issue 9


Taking On The Brown Act

At a recent Santa Barbara School District Board of Directors meeting, Dr. Robert Noël caused a stir when he informed his fellow board members that he had turned over notes he had taken during a closed-door session of the board – (see Guillaume Doane’s coverage and story on page 31)...

The Way it Was


This month, the first of three Montecito Fire District firefighters and family will move into the former Sanchez Compound in Old Spanish Town. Steeped in history and lore, the three board and batten redwood homes were acquired by the Fire District when it became apparent that Montecito was perilously under-protected...

Local News


When the County Board of Supervisors this June reviews the efficacy of the year-old alcohol ban on Butterfly Beach, they’ll be given unconditional support from law enforcement officials to renew the ordinance. The County Sheriff’s Department, which with the County Parks Department enforces the ban, says the alcohol ordinance has...


All Saints’ Cinco De Mayo

One of the most popular Montecito events, at least for the past 10 years or so, has been The All Saints By The Sea Parish School annual fundraiser. In years past, themes have included “Viva Las Vegas,” featuring a gold-laméed Elvis-suited Rob Lowe, and before that, Jeff Barry and the...