Meet Butter

This happy 6-year old, female yellow Labrador Retriever is sure to melt your heart. Like most Labs, Butter is not only sweet, friendly and playful, but she gets along with kids and other dogs as well.

Butter is a big girl, weighing in at 104 pounds, but has made a New Year's resolution to lose weight and regain her girlish figure. Volunteers at K9 PALS are helping her trim down by taking her on daily walks around the shelter. This lovable Lab would be a perfect addition for a moderately active family who would like an attentive, loyal, four-legged member to share their home.

To meet Butter, stop by or call K9 PALS. The facility is located at the Santa Barbara County Animal Shelter, 5473 Overpass Road (off Patterson Avenue), and can be reached by telephone at 681-4369. To view pictures of other adoptable dogs, cats and bunnies, visit

Holiday Giving

It’s that time of year again when many worthy charities appeal for your support; however, just one is advocating for the abandoned, homeless dogs at the Santa Barbara County Animal Shelter: K9 PALS. Since K-9 PALS is an all-volunteer organization, every cent raised from donations goes directly towards the care and training of the dogs awaiting adoption.

This is how your donation to K-9 PALS will be spent:

• Medical care: Many of the dogs coming in to the shelter have been neglected; some need surgery, dental work or treatment for a variety of ailments. Medical care often involves the need for laboratory and diagnostic tests, X-rays, medications and special diets.

• Training: K9 PALS provides all shelter dogs with an abundance of one-on-one attention and professional training to ensure that they are well-mannered and well-adjusted in their new homes.

• Comforts: To endure that all dogs are looking and feeling their best, they are provided with soft, clean beds and blankets, quality food and treats and a trip to the groomer.

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation of any size to K9 PALS today. Donations should be made payable to K9 PALS and mailed to: PO Box 60755, Santa Barbara, CA 93160.