The Gifts of Golf

There are a staggering number of gift options available to golfers as they peruse the various publications. Here are a few suggestions based upon what I would want for Christmas.

The QuickShot

As I close in on the big 50, I have noticed my eyesight trailing off a bit. Finding the right yardage would be a lot easier if Santa would bring me the QuickShot, by Laser Link Golf. After much debate, the USGA and the Royal and Ancient Golf Society, the two governing bodies in the golf world, decided to allow the use of distance measuring devices, the QuickShot being the best known of these tools.

No more guessing or pacing from the 150-yard marker. The QuickShot is especially helpful when on the road or at older clubs like the Valley Club that have chosen not to mark the sprinkler heads. Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus both endorse the QuickShot, which was developed by the same people who created Softspikes.

For more information visit or call 866-909-4653.

Etonic G>SOK G.T.

As we head into winter I am looking for a weatherproof shoe with some style. In the past such weather performance shoes were not good looking and seem to have faded in popularity. Now Etonic has come out with its G>SOK G.T., which combines an attractive design with Gore-Tex breathable weatherproof technology. Gore-Tex became famous for its raingear and now the same protection is given to these golf shoes. The G>SOK G.T. is also golf’s first non-spike performance shoe. This system will offer greater traction on wet fairways.

For more information visit or call 1-866-8-ETONIC.

HillBilly USA

Walking is popular with Santa Barbara area golfers. However, we do have some hilly courses and I could use some help. What I need is the HillBilly, a powered golf trolley that allows me to walk without seeing the chiropractor after the round. The HillBilly has been around for a long time now and is reasonably priced.

For more info visit or call 888-682-7757.

Tehama Golf

The Tehama line is the creation of Clint Eastwood, who spends almost as much time playing golf as he does making movies. Tehama is a stylish line and most of the clothing is perfectly matched for coastal living. What I would really like are a couple of the Tencil/Merino wool vests, which come in cranberry, harbor, navy and many other colors. Tehama is available primarily at green grass golf shops, where they would be happy to show you a catalogue. Go ahead, make their day.

For more info visit

Australian Hats

With fair skin I need sun protection year-round in Santa Barbara. Many of the large brim hats that offer the necessary protection are again not all that pleasing to the eye. Not so with the large brim Australian hats. Imperial Headwear offers two such hats with “The Adventurer” and “The Traveler.” These are hats that you would be proud to wear anytime and not just on the links. For more info visit or call your local pro shop.