Women Reports Missing Documents

Thursday, November 30 – An 81-year-old Montecito woman reported she lost documents for a bank account containing $400,000 and other personal information.

The woman said she had several folders from a meeting with a representative from a Montecito bank under the seat of her car while she dined at the Four Seasons Biltmore Hotel for lunch. A valet had parked her car. Upon returning home, the woman said she noticed the documents were missing.

Double Vandalism on La Vuelta

Thursday, November 30 – An unknown suspect vandalized a pair of cars on La Vuelta Road.

A 23-year-old man parked his car in the driveway of his La Vuelta Road residence, and his 38-year-old female friend parked her vehicle on the street near the driveway. The next morning both people said they discovered their cars vandalized.

The front passenger side window on the man’s car was smashed, leaving $300 of damage. The woman’s side passenger window was broken, and her $400 Sony Digital camera was missing.

Deputies Gamboa and Deleo obtained fingerprints from the man’s and woman’s car, respectively, and sent them to Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Office Forensics Bureau for analysis.