Montecito Association Reissues Election Ballots

On Monday, the Montecito Association sent out new election ballots to its members days after officers noticed the original ballots had been incomplete due to an administrative error. Association Secretary Dick Shaikewitz said the organization’s 1,000-plus household members would receive the new ballots later this week. The Association must receive the ballot responses by January 3 and must receive at least 100 responses so the organization can establish quorum for its new directors in the coming year.

Shaikewitz said a recent computer crash at the Association’s office and clerical mistakes were key in the election miscue. The first ballots only included four of the six nominees to fill the six upcoming vacancies for the Board of Directors and didn’t list, as in previous years, bio descriptions for each of the nominees. The new ballots will include the following nominees: Mindy Denson, Andy Arnold, Jim Wolfe, Barry Siegel, Dianne Pannkuk and Jack Overall.

“In past years, elections have run relatively smoothly,” Shaikewitz said. “This year, it was one of those if it could go wrong, it did go wrong.”

SBCAG Unveils Change to Roundabout Designs

Santa Barbara Association of Government representatives, or SBCAG, on Tuesday showed Montecito Association directors new designs for the roundabout slated for Coast Village Road in 2008.

The roundabout will now have two lanes instead of one and City traffic engineers have removed a bypass lane that critics had called impractical and dangerous.

The roundabout belongs to a $47-million highway widening initiative that begins construction in early 2008. The first phase will add a lane to each side of the freeway between Milpas Street and Hot Springs Road. The roundabout, at the western end of Coast Village Road, will be built with the hopes that traffic will flow more smoothly and highway commuters will avoid using Montecito streets as alternative routes.

For more info on the project call 1-888-SBROADS.