Grandparents and Special Friends Day

Every year on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, Marymount School celebrates Grandparents Day. Students without grandparents invite a Special Friend to the event, whose focus is to reinforce the bonds of the school’s multi-generational, multi-cultural and inter-faith community. Grandparents and special friends visit the classrooms for presentations given by students and teachers. There is also a brunch followed by an inter-faith service.

The service this year was led by Father Virgil Cordano of the Santa Barbara Mission, Reverend Ronald David of the Good Samaritan Hospital in Los Angeles and Father Simon Thomas of the Santa Barbara Greek Orthodox Church.

MUS Student Wins Honorable Mention

Six-year-old Sophia Murdoch Jahadhmy, a first-grader at Montecito Union School, won honorable mention in the 100-word Holiday Parade Prince and Fairy Writing Contest, a competition that is held annually by the Santa Barbara Downtown Organization.

In return, Sophia will hold the banner with fellow winners to lead the Downtown Holiday Parade down State Street on December 1. Her story was titled “The Christmas Fairy”:

“Once upon a time in Santa Barbara there was a Christmas Fairy. She brought happiness to the whole town. The fairy thought she might help some of the children, not just with presents, but with good stuff like joy and happiness. She thought that she could get some workers to help her. The first worker was very old and plump and his name was Santa Claus. The second worker was very tiny and her name was Helen. The workers helped the fairy to make more happiness, not just with Christmas, but everyday and not just in Santa Barbara, but all around the world.”

Sophia’s inspiration for the story was a song written by Patrick “Piano” Maiani for his new CD, “I Wish Everyday was Christmas.” She’s one of the children singers on the CD. Sophia says she likes to read and write stories, and her favorite is about kittens. She will also be in the Carpinteria Holiday Parade on December 9 with her gymnastics group, “Beach Star Gymnastics.”

Turkey Trot

Cold Spring School’s 27th Turkey Trot was held last Wednesday at the school’s track. It is believed that the trot started in 1979, and has become a school tradition ever since. Its purpose is for students to have fun the day before Thanksgiving. The event also accepts donations of food that the school gives to a local food drive.

The trot involves students chasing a “turkey” around the school track and to grab a feather off its tail. Students are organized by grade and gender.

School Superintendent and Principal Brian McCabe, teachers, parents and friends attended the event and Coach “O” (Jason Oatis) refereed the track portion of the trot. Parent volunteers led the attendees in a “chicken dance” and in cheering on each group of students as they raced around the track.

Event co-chairs were Katie Cusimano and Tricia Raphaelian. This year Westmont College students Leslie Ramirez and Josh Grubb volunteered to be turkeys. The event featured Boom Chaka, which led by Craig Thatcher is a drum band made up of students from various local schools ranging in age from Craig’s 3-year-old son to high school kids.