Drunken Driver Arrested in Summerland

Tuesday, November 14 – What began as a traffic stop for a noise violation and invalid license plates turned into an arrest for driving under the influence and possession of narcotics.

A Santa Barbara man was arrested after County Sheriff’s deputies discovered multiple containers of marijuana in his possession and after the man blew a blood alcohol level over the legal limit during a breath test.

The 19-year-old male was stopped on Sears Avenue in Summerland for a noise violation and for carrying paper license plates. Deputy Gamboa said the man had slurred speech, red and watery eyes and strong odor of alcohol. Deputy Gamboa said he could also smell marijuana coming from the vehicle.

A search of the man’s vehicle uncovered five separate containers each containing less than an ounce of marijuana. Four 50-milliliter bottles of vodka were also found. The suspect told the deputy he drank because his girlfriend had broken up with him earlier that day. He also told the deputy he felt “really drunk” and he had earlier eaten “edibles,” food containing marijuana.

A search of the suspect’s person uncovered another bag containing less than an ounce of marijuana, as well as a small bag with a brown substance the suspect claimed to be “keef” – marijuana crystals.

A breath test found the suspect’s blood alcohol level to be .11%, above the driving limit of .08%.

Suspect Arrested for Fake License, Lying to Officer

Tuesday, November 14 – A routine Department of Motor Vehicle registration check led to the arrest of a 44-year-old man for a fraudulent driver’s license. The arrest was made at a checkpoint on Highway 101 near Padaro Lane where Deputy Johnson determined the suspect’s registration had expired and that the driver’s license was fake.

The suspect had told the deputy his license was valid and that he’d bought the car “two weeks ago.”

“Come on, I’m just trying to get to and from work,” the driver reportedly said.

During a search of his vehicle, the driver admitted he had purchased the license from a friend for $100.

The suspect was arrested for falsification of public and corporation seals, knowingly providing false information to a peace officer, possession of a false driver’s license, unlawful display of evidence of registration and driving on a suspended license.

Suspect Ditches Cab Fare

Thursday, November 16 – Deputies Green and McVay arrested a man for public intoxication on Whitney Drive in Summerland after he could not pay for his cab fare.

The deputies reported they had trouble understanding the man due to his seemingly high intoxication level. The man said he was returning to his Summerland home, but the renter of the Whitney Drive residence said the suspect did not live there.

Deputy Green said the suspect did not have any money or means to take care of himself.

Missing Watch on Pimiento

Saturday, November 18 – An 88-year-old man reported a $3,000 watch was missing from his Pimiento Lane home. The man said he was uncertain whether the Omega gold band watch had been stolen or misplaced.

He told Deputy Baisa that he’d left his residence on November 16 to have it fumigated and tented. He said his watch was missing from a table in his den when he returned two days later.

The man said he would call the fumigation company to report a theft.