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Also Inside This Issue

Letters to the Editor
Correction on Westmont; ‘Count us out’; Reforming the county process

Community Calendar
Bake and rummage sale for U.S. war veterans; Tecolote book signing; Teddy Bear Tea

Sheriff’s Blotter
Drunken driver arrested in Summerland; Suspect arrested for fake license, lying to officer

Mark Your Calendar
Casa del Herrero prepares for its flagship fundraiser, Noche de los Piñitos

The Montecito Wish List
Full compendium of holiday-oriented events in December at Montecito schools, hotels and restaurants

Ernie’s World
Ernie teaches his grandkids the facts of life, from armpit music to alphabet belching

Do Margaret Mead’s observations say more about sex or more about Margaret Mead? E-mail overload; world famous Wilcock Web

Scene Around Town
Girls Inc. honors women contributors to “Letters from the Heart”; LifeChronicles and its friends

Adopt a Pet
Like nymph of ancient Greek mythology, Calypso the cat wields an irresistible charm

Grandparents and Special Friends Day; Holiday Parade Prince and Fairy Writing Contest; Cold Spring Turkey Trot

Your Estate
Administering an estate is necessary evil that involves lots of work and little reward

World of Golf
The craggy, tree-studded terrain of The Cliffs provides new glimpse of South Carolina

Book Talk
Don’t worry about who Richard Stark is, Shelly says; it’s his plots that matter

Events Calendar
“Horace Bristol: Fortune, Life & Time” photo exhibition; Downtown Holiday Parade with Christopher Lloyd as Grand Marshal; Headless Household at Center Stage

On Stage
Rubicon Theatre hosts tribute concert to the Rocky Mountain man, John Denver

On the Beat
Jai Uttal presents Kirtan, ancient form of group singing that is usually call and response

Classified Advertising

The Miramar For Sale

Vol. 12 Issue 26

Ty Warner Decides to Sell the Miramar Hotel

The most recent architectural renderings for the Miramar Hotel remodel establish a nostalgic scene of 1950s swank matched by family ambience, the kind of place where Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin would bring their kids. It’s a place with cabana compounds and glassy outdoor pools lined with blue-padded deck chairs and rangy boardwalks. But it’s a place that will only exist in ink and paper unless its owner, Ty Warner, decides not to sell the hotel.


The Continuing Saga of the Miramar

In late 1998, when the Outhwaite family heirs sold the Miramar to Ian Schrager many Montecito residents thought then that the funky, venerable, family-oriented Miramar (along with its “Beach & Tennis Club”) had been “saved.” Schrager’s plans called for re-orienting the down-at-the-heels resort away from Highway 101 and towards the...

Coming and Going

Spenderella & Her Singing Stones

Montecito is blessed with a number of excellent jewelers: A.H. Gaspar (969-6362), Bryant & Sons, Ltd. (565-4411), Silverhorn (969-0442), and Daniel Gibbings (565-1284). But, just in case you haven’t found precisely what you want from the above establishments, another option before Christmas or that anniversary-birthday passes, would be to call...

On Sports


Imagine taking 10 of your closest friends and forming a team. You play together, eat together, travel together and, of course, socialize. You go out of your way to help your teammates with their achievements while also remaining successful as an individual. Your leader provides companionship combined with tough love....

The Montecito Chef of the Month

Cooking Organic Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry

Carrie Clough has a noticeable love affair with organic ingredients. But to better understand this romance, it’s necessary to step back into the 13th century to an old farmhouse in a small Welsh village. What once had been the home of farmers has now become an award-winning restaurant where Carrie...


Stonehouse Will Re-open Monday to the Public

San Ysidro Ranch’s Stonehouse restaurant, closed by a kitchen fire in April of 2004, will reopen to the public on Monday, says Tamara Fangman, director of sales and marketing for the resort. ...