Deputies Recover, Release Missing Woman

Monday, October 30 – The American Medical Response Mental Health Advisory Team was called in after a missing woman with a history of mental problems was recovered on Coast Village Road.

The woman, who had been reported missing due to her mental status, had escaped from the Santa Isabella Lane home of an 86-year-old man who is a friend of her mother’s. The man told deputies the woman had arrived at his house unannounced and that he had asked her to stay and clean herself up.

The woman’s mother, who lives in Florida, said her daughter was a manic depressive and was suffering from many mental problems. The woman has been institutionalized many times and has attacked people during what her mother described as “episodes.”

The woman has a husband and children in Norco and had left them three days before the incident.

After calling 911, the Santa Isabella man told the daughter, “get ready, the police are coming to take you away,” according to the sheriff’s report. The woman reportedly became angry and fled. The man said there had been no physical confrontation.

Deputies Gamboa and Watkins found the woman a quarter of a mile away on Coast Village Road.

Gary Mills, a representative of the Mental Health Advisory Team, said the woman needed treatment. County Sheriff’s Deputies later released the 47-year-old woman on her own recognizance.

Hiker Reports Auto Burglary

Monday, October 30 – A woman reported her car was vandalized and burglarized while she was hiking off Hot Springs Trailhead.

The victim said she parked her 2000 Ford Explorer at the trailhead and went for a hike. When she came back a few hours later, she said she saw her passenger side window had been smashed and her purse had been taken out of the car.

The woman said she did not know the purse’s brand name. She said other contents of the purse included a “zip-up” wallet, her Colorado driver’s license, credit cards, a checkbook, $5 cash and a coin purse. The sheriff’s report did not list the estimated value of the missing items.

County Sheriff’s Deputies said the doors to the vehicle remained locked after the incident. They said it appeared that someone had smashed the window with their hand or an object. No fingerprints were found.

The woman said she cancelled her cards and fixed her window. There are currently no suspects.

Canon View Man Reports Identity Theft

Monday, October 30 – A 46-year-old Canon View Road man claims someone had used his name and address for a home loan application.

The man said he began receiving calls on October 17 from different loan companies telling him he had recently applied for a home loan. The man listed E-Loan as one of the companies but didn’t mention any others, according to the sheriff’s report.

The victim said an E-Loan representative told him he knew his name, address and social security number because they were written on his loan application. The victim said the name and address were correct, but the social security number was not.

The man told the representative he did not apply for a loan and to stop calling him. The company representative told the man he would be “taken off the list” and he advised him to file a fraud report.

The man reportedly informed the Federal Trade Commission of his identity theft suspicions and they said he would stop receiving calls.

The victim said he requested a deputy report to satisfy the demands of a Federal Trade Commission inquiry.

There are currently no leads in this investigation.

Victim Claims Volvo Vandalism

Thursday, November 2 – A Summerland woman claims all four of the tires to her green Volvo were slashed while she was away on a two-week vacation.

The 53-year-old Banner Avenue female said she replaced every tire for a total cost of $375.

The woman’s boyfriend had been staying at her residence while she was away. He said he first noticed the damage on October 12.

Suspicious Incident at Mountain Drive Home

Thursday, November 2 – A 60-year-old female reported suspicious circumstances at her East Mountain Road home.

The woman told Deputy K. Rushing she had an ongoing problem with a Hispanic male whom she thinks is stalking her. She told the deputy she has filed reports documenting such incidents.

In the latest episode, the woman said she heard a rattle while she was in the upstairs bedroom. When she went to check the disturbance, she said she found one of the French doors in the living room open.

The woman said she thought she had locked the door and believed the male was responsible for opening it. She said she did not find any property missing or see signs of forced entry.