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Also Inside This Issue

Tim welcomes readers to the now weekly edition of Montecito Journal

Letters to the Editor
Montecito’s billboard mania; bringing accountability back to school board; respecting our trails and each other; another look at affordable housing

Community Calendar
Montecito Journal’s new tide chart exclusively for Montecito beaches; gallery listings; winemaker dinner at Biltmore; GOP women meeting

The Private Property Report
Biltmore seawall decision gives cause to rethink Montecito’s planning process, says Kim Seefeld

Sheriff’s Blotter
Deputies recover, release woman with history of mental disorders; auto smashand- grab at Hot Springs Trailhead; more

Coast Village Chatter
More on “Pharmacy Property” new owner; Martha Smilgis drops “The Dish”; New-Press Mess comes to Montecito

Ernie’s World
Beer in one hand, golf cart steering wheel in another, Ernie is one-man wrecking crew

The Third Age
Dr. Peter Brill on the medical science of happiness

John Wilcock
Rising costs of kidnap insurance; the real Rosa Parks; searching for “Our Inner Ape”

Adopt a Pet
Meet Quincy, rabbit with years of experience that can produce results straight out of adoption

School Stuff
Montecito Union welcomes program to teach students about taking care of animals

Estate Planning
Mixing business with “family stuff” is good and necessary part of transferring wealth, says John Ambrecht

World of Golf
Ray Navis explores private club experience at the Blessings, Lahontan and Stone Canyon

Events Calendar
Regular guy comedian Brian Regan hits Arlington; R&B/soul singer-pianist John Legend; America’s satirist Jon Stewart comes to town

On the Beat
Goodbye fortnight, hello this week; Julliard String Quartet tributes Mozart’s 250th birthday; more

Focus on Film
Steven Libowitz on “Little Children” and the trappings of suburban adulthood

World of Wine
Pinot Grigio, a wine for all seasons that complements pretty much any food choice


Vol. 12 Issue 24


John McConnel, new owner of the Upper Village Service station, tries to restore storied business as Montecito’s ‘one-stop shop’

Montecito 2006 Election Results

• Montecito Union School Board: This elected office was not on the ballot because an insufficient number of candidates applied for the position. ...

Coming & Going

Can Art Really Be Dead?

First-time novelist David Gersh’s name is as large as the title on his about-to-be-released novel, “Art Is Dead” (Durban House, $19.95). “It was not my idea,” he pleads. “I would never have put my name as big as the title. It was the publisher,” he said, “who feels chain bookstores...

Scene Around Town

Opportunity of a Lifetime

An evening about Opportunity International with special guest Lt. General Claudia Kennedy (U.S. Army Ret.) was held at the home of Wayne and Sharol Siemens. Ms Kennedy is the first and only woman to earn the rank of three-star general in the United States Army. After retiring in 2000 she...

Book Talk


Shelly Lowenkopf examines a life of magical writing, the incomparable voice of Joan Didion

Of all the attributes and qualities accorded writers, the one easily abused and misunderstood most is voice. ...