On the heels of an off-season that saw a successful fundraising drive, Santa Barbara Theatre opened its second year with a musical comedy hit. The budding company’s sold out showing of Forever Plaid on October 26 was both a display of new beginnings for the theater troupe and also a reuniting of old friends and colleagues.

Drew Geraci, the veteran actor who played Frankie, was brought back together with Albert Ihde, Santa Barbara Theatre’s producing director, whom Geraci worked with on a 1996 production of “Forever Plaid.”

“I am delighted to be working with Albert again,” says Geraci, who also directed and choreographed the play. “He and [SBT managing director] Ellen [Pasternack] are a great team to work with. They are building a theater company here in Santa Barbara that everyone in our show would work with again in a minute.”

This showing of “Forever Plaid” was not a “tour” play in that it was a Santa Barbara production from the ground up. Geraci arranged the cast himself, assigning Morgan Sills in the part of Sparky, Brian M. Golub as Jinx and George Miserlis as Smudge.

“Drew knows this show so well, that he was able to bring together a superb cast,” Ihde said after the show. “While they had all performed in Forever Plaid before, this was the first time for these actors together as the cast.”

The lighting design was handled with precision and creativity by Christian Epps. On piano was musical director Andrew Chukerman, and on bass, Santa Barbara’s own James Connolly.

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